A Real Keyboard is the Best Way to Type Online

- August 20, 2015

computer keyboard Have you ever noticed how short and abbreviated some responses are on Facebook and other social networks? Have you ever noticed how few people respond in most circumstances? I’m convinced it’s because lot of people are using a mobile phone or tablet with an on-screen keyboard. Unless you’re really good at finger-pecking using the on-screen keyboard, you probably can’t be bothered to post a comment most of the time. I’m also convinced that’s why I don’t get many human (versus automated) comments posted here.

Use an External Keyboard

There’s no reason you can’t use a tablet as your primary computer – if you have it set up correctly. Of course, it might be a better idea to have two tablets in that case because you’ll need to have one recharging while using the other. Of course, it all depends on what you use your primary computer for and how powerful your tablets are. You could probably use a mobile phone, but you may not have enough on-screen real estate to make it worthwhile.

After-market peripherals is where this works. You’ll probably need a USB OTG cable to use a full-sized keyboard. If you can’t find one in a local computer store, you can try your hand at making a USB OTG host cable. OTG means “on the go”.

Of course, I haven’t looked very hard. You may be able to find an external keyboard designed exactly for this purpose. I know some tablets come with cases that double as stands and included in those cases are small external keyboards. Those keyboards would be better than anything on-screen, but they may not be large enough. I have difficulty with a laptop keyboard, so I’m sure a keyboard like that wouldn’t work for me.

A USB vs. a PS2 Keyboard

I have a few old keyboards at my disposal. Unfortunately, they all have PS2 connectors. They work fine with desktop computers that have PS2 ports (and even some older laptops). Most budget laptops don’t have those ports. The laptop I’m using doesn’t even have a VGA port (it only has an HDMI port) – my spare laptop (which cost twice as much) does.

If you think you can use a PS2 keyboard with a PS2 to USB adapter, think again. I have several adapters and I’ve tried to connect all those keyboards to my laptop at one time or another. None of them would work right. A USB keyboard is the only thing that will work right and that’s simply because it’s designed for it. I’ll be buying a full-sized USB keyboard the first chance I get (and when I have the cash on hand to do so).

A Docking Station

With the right peripherals, you can turn any mobile device into a semi-permanent device by creating a docking station. That means you need an external keyboard, an external monitor, an external mouse and possibly a stand of some kind.

All I need is a USB keyboard to use my laptop that way. I have three LCD monitors in storage and I have a couple of VGA to HDMI adapters. I already use an external mouse – I don’t feel comfortable using a touch pad.

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