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President Donald Trump’s Accomplishments, from 2017 to 2019

President Donald TrumpOne of my relatives posted this list of President Donald Trump’s accomplishments on Facebook. I can’t independently verify everything listed, but I can confirm quite a few of them. Even if you don’t like the president, you can’t argue with facts.

All of this was accomplished in three years, while President Trump was being targeted by the Democratic Party and the complicit media. They tried to pin Russian collusion charges on him, before and after he was elected. They tried to impeach him for non-crimes. None of their tactics worked.

President Trump’s Accomplishments

I tried to clean up the text as much as I could, without rewriting anything. I’m sorry for some of the redundancy of some of the listed items. Even if I could remove all the redundancy, the total text would still be more than 2000 words.

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By RT Cunningham
March 1, 2020
United States