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A Power Bank isn’t Necessary but it’s Something Nice for Emergencies

power bank I have a power bank in my possession for the first time. They’ve been around for some years but I never thought about buying one. And I didn’t buy this one.

My daughter-in-law, Cathy, bought a larger power bank and got this extra one for free. A buy-one-get-one deal at Lazada Philippines.

I don’t know if Cathy bought this product instead of others because it was a good deal or because she wanted to give the extra one to me and my wife (Josie). Either way, I have one.

A Power Bank isn’t a Necessity

That is, unless you’re always on foot somewhere and buried in your cell phone a lot. You can plug cell phone chargers into just about anything with the right cables. You can plug them into electrical outlets, computer USB ports and even the cigarette lighter receptacles in cars and trucks. Those are actually called “electrical accessory receptacles” today.

I’ve only had a cell phone for a couple of years. I’ve plugged it into outlets and I’ve plugged it into my computer, but nowhere else. I didn’t use it much during the many brownouts I’ve had to endure. I won’t use it much (if at all) while running errands. It’s with me for answering calls, should I receive one while I’m out and about.

A Power Bank is Good for Emergencies

We’ve had some marathon brownouts in the past. The longest I remember was 27 hours. We lost power at the beginning of a typhoon.

My cell phone plan lets me use Facebook (the full thing, not the free version) and it lets me text with messenger. Of course, the regular phone functions work, even during a brownout. I can kill a lot of time on Facebook when I have nothing else I can do. A cell phone battery doesn’t last long when you’re constantly on the cell phone, using the smartphone features, playing a game, or pumping music out to external speakers.

A power bank can come in handy when you absolutely need to recharge. I tested this 6000 maH power bank and it charged my cell phone battery pretty fast. Cathy’s power bank is 20,000 maH and supposedly can charge a phone 500 times. 6000 maH should get 150 times. In practice, neither will probably work that well.

Overnight Charging

I like the power bank for one reason. It’s impossible to overcharge the cell phone battery with it. It automatically cuts off when the battery is fully charged. This is perfect for overnight charging, when you can’t unplug.

I know it works like that because I’ve already tested it with my phone. I need a new cell phone battery because mine drains quickly, even when I’m not using it.

When I bought a new battery for my Josie’s phone, I completely forgot about my phone. All I know is I won’t have to use the power bank to recharge as often once when I get a new battery for mine.

Recharging is a Pain

I use my cell phone with my computer speakers outside when we’re having a party or some other get-together. I have a lot of music on it. The cell phone always runs out of juice within a couple of hours. I can plug it into the power bank and make it last for several more hours, I’m sure.

It would be nice if cell phone batteries lasted a lot longer than they do. Perhaps someday, they will. Until then, a power bank is the next best thing.

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By RT Cunningham
September 18, 2017
Cell Phones