Popular Hobbies in 2015 – Not a Top 10 List

sunset fishing - hobbies Hobbies are time-consuming (non-work) activities and most people have one or more. Some hobbies are more popular than others but if you think about it, anything can become a hobby. Before he got too old, my father’s hobby was fishing. He didn’t fish for the sake of catching fish. He fished for the sake of fishing. And so it goes with many hobbies. There are hobbies that cost almost nothing to keep up and then there are hobbies that can cost a small fortune to pursue. It all depends on how passionate or obsessed the person is about it.

I’m not going to give you a numbered list. Where a hobby sits on a list depends entirely on responses to various surveys. Surveys like this will differ from place to place and from climate to climate. No, I just want to briefly touch on some of the popular hobbies of 2015 and in no particular order.


Although my father liked fishing as a hobby, I did not. I did my fair share of fishing when I was a teenager (before joining the military) but it was because I wanted to eat fish. My parents didn’t buy fish because fish was more expensive than whatever they bought for nine children. I did everything but cook the fish I caught and I ate a lot of fish when I lived in Hawaii the first time (1974-1977). I didn’t eat much the second time, when I was stationed there.

Social Networking

Most of the lists I’ve looked at put social networking in the low top 10. Maybe that’s where it belonged a few years ago, but I’d place it at number one today. People have their faces pointed at mobile phones and tablets all over the place, even when they’re supposed to be shopping in some mall.

I’ve given up on most social networking services. I spend most of my time (which is usually less than an hour a day) on Facebook.

Collecting Hobbies

Collecting hobbies include coin and stamp collecting along with all kinds of things people like to collect. Men are more likely to be collectors than women, but some women collect things as well. The things they collect are usually far different from what men collect. Like cooking recipes.

I collected coins until it became too expensive for me to continue pursuing it. I started before I got married in 1985 and I stopped within two years of getting married.

Other Hobbies

I don’t feel like writing a mini-novel about the popular hobbies of 2015. Here’s a short list:

  • Reading. E-books would have never taken off if reading wasn’t a popular hobby. But books are only part of the hobby. Reading newspapers and articles online can be lumped in with this category.
  • Writing. There are more forms of writing than I care to elaborate on with this hobby, but blogging is just as valid as writing a book.
  • Sewing. My wife was into needlepoint and related activities when our children were very young. She gave it up about the same time she started working at a full-time job.
  • Entertainment. Playing video games, watching television and watching movies are visual forms of entertainment while listing to music or playing an instrument are audio forms of entertainment. They can be hobbies and then they can be more than hobbies.
  • Photography. It’s a hobby for some people and a profession for others. I’m lucky if I can take a decent picture with my mobile phone. I have a relative in the United States (a first cousin, once removed) who turned his first hobby into his profession.
  • Baking. I have another relative in the United States (a niece) who started baking cakes and confections as a hobby and turned it into a business.
  • Sports. I really don’t need to say any more about it.

You can find a huge list of hobbies (and it’s only a partial list) at Wikipedia. You should take a few minutes to check it out and maybe turn a hobby idea into something more.

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