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Pinto Beans and Other Food Items that Make People Fart

pinto beans According to the page for them on Wikipedia, pinto beans are the most popular beans in the United States. I cannot confirm or deny that statement, but I’ve eaten my fair share of them ever since I was younger than I can remember.

Pinto Beans are Definitely Popular

Pinto beans are the beans used in refried beans, one kind of bean dip, tacos and tostadas, and burritos and chimichangas. You can order “pintos and cheese” from at least one fast food joint (Taco Bell, I believe) and possibly more.

I grew up with pinto beans. With nine children, my mother made the food stretch as far as possible. I remember eating bowls of pinto beans (like soup) with dry corn bread. When the children got older, she started adding ground beef and Chili-O to the beans while they slow-cooked in her crockpot.

After I left home, I avoided them for well over a year. They would make me fart regardless of how much I ate. Then I discovered “chili and rice” at a snack bar and I’ve eaten them like that ever since. I can’t stand pinto beans the way my mother made them. Josie (my wife) still likes them like that.

Pinto Beans aren’t the only Fart Makers

The Wikipedia page on flatulence lists a bunch of food items that can make you fart. Most of them don’t affect me like pinto beans do. Some of them affect me way more now (nearing 60) than they did when I was young. Of course, I don’t eat everything it lists.

I now have difficulty with potatoes, sweet potatoes and yams (and ube in the Philippines). Boiled cabbage (not raw or otherwise cooked) and brussels sprouts will hurt me as well. And when I say hurt, I mean the pain I get from farting almost constantly. Josie has threatened me many times for farting in bed.

I’ve tried many brands and types of canned chili from those brands. The only kind I really like is made by Hormel. The ingredients just say “beans”, so I can’t tell you what kind of beans they use. It could be red beans or it could be kidney beans. I like baked beans (Bush’s Best) but not every variety. Bush’s Best uses more than one kind of bean.

My Diet May Be Secretly Helping Me

It’s obvious that my diet will help me with fat loss. Not so obviously, it should help me avoid farting as much. Most of the fart-inducing food items contain a lot of carbohydrates, including pinto beans. Potatoes and pasta tear me up and a keto diet doesn’t let me eat them.

I’m not planning on following a strict keto diet. Sometimes, it’s just plain impossible. Josie, being a Filipino, eats a lot of rice. If I want to eat, I’ll eat what she cooks and if I don’t eat rice, I may not eat at all. I don’t like to cook, so please don’t suggest it. I’d much rather do without.

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By RT Cunningham
February 8, 2019
Food and Drink