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Philippine National Bank, Olongapo City and Subic Bay

Philippine National Bank I bank with the Philippine National Bank (PNB) in Olongapo City for United States Dollars and UnionBank of the Philippines for Philippine Pesos.

PNB is one of the oldest banks in the Philippines.

It was established in 1916, became the first universal bank in the Philippines in 1980 and was privatized in 1989.

PNB has over 100 branches throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. I’m going to give you a little information on the local branches.

Dollar Accounts at Philippine National Bank

A dollar account can be opened at either branch, but direct deposit accounts are handled only by the Olongapo City branch.

If you need to wire a lot of money to a dollar account, and you’re in the United States, it’s best to open an account at either of the Los Angeles or New York City branches. Here are the bank codes:


Wire Routing Transit Number (RTN): 122038756
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM


Philippine National Bank
Los Angeles Branch
316 W. 2nd St., Suite 700
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Telephone Number: (213) 401-1800
Telefax Number: (213) 401-1803


Routing Transit Number (RTN): 026003007
Swift Code: PNBMPHMM


Philippine National Bank
30 Broad Street, 36th Floor,
New York, NY 10004
Telephone Number: (632) 573-8888
Telefax: (632) 573-4580

I have my monthly direct deposit payment going to the New York City Branch. These direct deposit payments are processed like remittances and allotments, similar to the ways other countries transfer money. There’s a $7.00 USD fee per deposit. The type of account required is a dollar savings account.

Philippine National Bank Local Branches

The Olongapo City branch is almost always crowded and parking is usually only available in the rear, if at all. There’s plenty of parking at the Subic Bay branch.


Philippine National Bank
2440 Rizal Avenue
East Bajac-Bajac, Olongapo City
Philippines 2200
Telephone numbers: 63-47-222-8343 and 63-47-223-4989
Telefax number: Same as the second number


Lot 5, Retail 2, Times Square Mall
Sta. Rita Road
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Olongapo City, Philippines 2220
Telephone Number: 63-47-252-7963
Telefax Number 63-47-252-7964

My Amusement With Philippine National Bank

I’m sure everyone is familiar with automated telephone routing. Philippine National Bank isn’t any different from any other bank I’ve ever dealt with. The last time I called the bank, I wasn’t sure I heard it correctly. This part of one of their e-mail messages confirmed it: “For further assistance on Internet Banking and other electronic banking channels, you may contact our Customer Service at (632) 5738888 (choose Taglish or English and press 4), Mondays through Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm or email ibs.mail@pnb.com.ph.”

Taglish is a combination language, Tagalog and English, that I didn’t expect to be offered as a choice. I understand why and it’s because many English banking terms don’t translate into Tagalog. As an aside, Taglish is used more often in some areas than Tagalog, even where Tagalog is the dominant language. Sometimes, a word that sounds like Tagalog is actually a mispronounced English word.

Photo Attribution: By Ramon FVelasquez (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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January 6, 2014
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