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Philippine Expat Blog and Website List - I’m Keeping this One Updated

expat blogs and websites There isn’t a good list of expat (expatriate) blogs and websites by those living in the Philippines. I went through several lists that aren’t up-to-date and more than half of them are either gone or haven’t had anything written on them even once this year.

I want something better for the people looking for blogs and websites written by expats living here. I’ll focus on American expats, but I’ll include sites by other expats if they’re written in English.

The Philippine Expat Blog and Website List

This list starts out with blogs and other websites, except for forums. I’ll include them as I get to them. I’ll include other types of websites in the future, if they’re the right kind (my choice). This is the list so far:

(updated September 12, 2017)

I didn’t include this site on the list, of course. I wouldn’t do that anyway, even if I post it somewhere else. Although I’m an expat living in the Philippines, I don’t consider this an expat site. It doesn’t matter if I write about my family, my relatives, or something else about the Philippines on occasion.

Why am I doing this?

It’s simple. I want to read expat blogs and I’m sure some of you do too. It’s kind of hard to do that when there isn’t an up-to-date list anywhere.

I recently posted a message on Facebook, asking any of my 600+ friends to post a link to an expat blog. I haven’t had any takers yet.

If you have an expat blog or website (or a dedicated forum for expats), please post the link in the comments or send the link through my contact page. I’ll probably miss sister sites if I don’t look closely, so make sure I get them all. I’m constantly working on this website, in one way or another.

I’m sure it won’t take me long to add it (if it’s worth adding, I have to say). I visited one expat site and I couldn’t even read it. It looked like the author created it in the 1990s, made for viewing on Netscape Navigator or an early version of Internet Explorer. There’s no way I would subject you to that kind of eye torture on purpose.

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By RT Cunningham
May 6, 2017