Personal Grooming and the People who Refuse to do it

nail clippers - personal grooming I just learned what “preening” means. It means personal grooming (or self-grooming). I’ve heard it applied to animals (like when cats lick their fur) but never to humans. Well, I probably did, but it was probably something I read in a novel and ignored.

Regardless of what it’s called, I’ve met too many people over the years who refuse to do it. In fact, I have relatives who refuse to do it. Before my younger son joined the United States Army, he refused to do it. Heh, but the Army makes him do it now.

Personal Grooming: Clipping Fingernails and Toenails

Most of the women I know get manicures and pedicures regularly, so I’m obviously not talking about them. I’m talking about mostly boys and men who let their fingernails and toenails grow too long. Some will have excuses like not having anything to clip them with, but those are bogus excuses. Fingernail and toenail clippers aren’t expensive.

Some people will tear their nails off or bite them off. Some won’t even bother to do that. Having nails with dirt caked underneath is unsanitary and unsightly. Good fingernail and toenail clippers usually come with a file attached, which is perfect for digging the nastiness from underneath the nails before and sometimes after clipping.

Personal Grooming: Combing Hair

Most of the women I know brush their hair (or comb it), so again, I’m obviously not talking about them.

There are times when I get my hair cut too short to use a comb, but it’s rare. I’ve always used a comb, even when there was little to comb. A lot of men these days shave their heads so they don’t have to comb their hair. Of course, some shave their heads because they’re going bald anyway.

And then there are boys and men of all ages who refuse to comb their hair. They’ll do all kinds of other things with their hair (like putting it into pony tails) but they won’t bother to comb it. Like the people who claim not to have fingernail clippers, some claim they don’t have anything to comb with.

A comb isn’t just for the sake of appearance. A comb can remove things that are in your hair, like dandruff, and things that crawl into it. Trust me, I’m constantly knocking bugs off my head here in the Philippines. If one of those bugs leaves something behind, only a shower and comb will get rid of it completely.

Personal Grooming: Shaving

What’s so hard about shaving? It takes me no longer than five minutes to do my whole face and I don’t even shave daily. I have relatives who refuse to shave and again, claim they can’t afford disposable razors. I’ve given razors to some of them. Some refuse to do it even when they have a razor available.

I have a brother-in-law I sometimes call “Billy” (as in billy-goat) because he always has a tuft of hair on his chin. It would take all of a minute to shave it off but he won’t do it. I just caught an older nephew (his son) doing the same thing.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned or something. Personal grooming, to me, shows me people who have respect for themselves and what people think of them. I’m sure men looking for female companionship will change their ways or be forever single. I have two brothers like that and they’re both older than me.

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