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Panama City, Florida - A Day at a Landmark Resort Timeshare

Panama City Beach I don’t know much about anything in Florida and Panama City is no exception. It was named as such because of the Panama Canal construction of the early 1900s.

Our son and daughter-in-law (Diann), along with her parents and the two of us (Josie and me), went to stay at the Landmark Resort yesterday. I believe the timeshare belongs to Dianne’s aunt and uncle, her aunt being her father’s sister.

Some of Diann’s relatives, including her father’s mother (her grandmother) came from other places for Diann’s birthday party at the resort.

The Landmark Resort in Panama City

According to one relative (and I can’t remember names), some company built the Landmark Resort for time-sharing in 1982. It certainly looks that old.

The resort sits in front of a beach but I can’t tell you the name of the beach. I think it’s called “Panama City Beach”, like the small city of the same name next to Panama City. Josie and I spent an hour or so at the beach, showered the sand off just outside the resort’s pool and then spent about an hour in the pool.

I don’t know if a timeshare is worth the cost for only one week’s usage a year. I suppose it depends on how long ago they paid for it. If they bought it in 1982 (or thereabout), it would certainly be less expensive than being a hotel guest for a week at today’s prices.

The only part of the city that I saw were the parts where the more affluent people live. I’m sure people with lower incomes live there as well, even if I didn’t see that area. There’s an Air Force base and a Navy base nearby and they’re the largest employers in the area.

My First and Probably My Last Visit to Panama City

I don’t like the Panama City beach. They call the ocean in this part of Florida the “Emerald Coast” because the water is green. The waves were too rough to enjoy swimming for long. It didn’t take long for the calves of my legs to tighten up while fighting the undertow.

The beaches next to Olongapo City in the Philippines are better for swimming, even if they aren’t as clean. I don’t even like to go to those beaches very often.

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By RT Cunningham
July 23, 2018