An Overseas Nursing School is an Option you shouldn’t Overlook

Florence Nightingale - nursing schools When I wrote the previous article about the nursing profession, I left out the overseas nursing school option for a reason.

The educational institutions (colleges and universities) in the United States don’t like it when people mention overseas nursing schools because those schools interfere with their inflated revenue streams. I don’t know much about other places, but I’m familiar with the Philippines because I live here as a retiree. My younger son, Jonathan, graduated with a bachelor of science degree in nursing in 2011 and I have neighbors and other contacts in the area with degrees.

Philippine Nursing Schools

If you’re thinking of attending any nursing school, you don’t want to spend any more money than you have to. From the knowledge I’ve gained through research and experience, I can tell you one undeniable fact: One year of nursing school in the Philippines will cost you less than what four years of nursing school in the United States will cost and that includes food, lodging and transportation.

Jonathan attended one of the more expensive nursing schools in the Philippines and I still spent less than $2,000 a year for every related cost. That amount probably wouldn’t even get you through the door at most nursing schools in the United States. He’s in the United States Army now, in an unrelated field, but there’s nothing to stop him from pursuing a nursing career later.

Life After Nursing School

Even if you’re unsure about life after college and whether you want to be a nurse in a hospital or something related to that, there are other options.

In many places in the United States, registered nurses are the people who run nursing homes and homes with caregiver staffs. Group homes with caregiver staffs have become a big business items in the United States and you can’t go wrong when you’re calling all the shots. I’ve known people who worked as caregivers in the Phoenix, Arizona metro area as well as the people who ran the homes. They all seemed to like what they were doing.

A nursing career in the United States military is another option. The one I didn’t even know about until I accidentally read about it elsewhere is the United States Navy Nurse Corps.

You need a nursing degree to become an officer in the United States Navy Nurse Corps and the pay is pretty good. It may not be as lucrative as a civilian nursing career (in some places), but there’s a United States federal pension waiting for you at the end of your military career.

If I had to do everything all over again, I’d consider going to one nursing school or another while I was still young enough to take advantage of it. At my current age, however, I’m more likely to be one of the people needing a nurse.

April 6, 2015

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