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The Origin of the Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Origin of the Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19)If you can understand what I mean about cheap, low quality merchandise made in China, you can understand that the Chinese coronavirus is the only thing made in China that will last a really long time. It will be with us forever, like the flu.

The Origin of the Chinese Coronavirus

I watched this very recent documentary on Facebook, but you can find it on YouTube. Please take the time to watch it for yourself and continue reading after you’re done.

My Conclusions

The Chinese coronavirus didn’t mutate on its own. It was biologically engineered by virologists at a lab not far from the market where the virus supposedly first appeared. The virologists in China said the virus came from bats, but that particular market didn’t sell bats. The lead virologist had been working with multiple viruses in bats since the previous coronavirus (SARS) affected people outside of China.

I can’t know if COVID-19 was engineered in order to eventually create a cure to benefit the world, but it’s highly unlikely. It’s more likely they wanted to have the virus and the cure together, so they could extort the rest of the world. It could have been a weapon, to ultimately be aimed at Hong Kong and Taiwan for not conforming with their Chinese overlords.

Extortion was most likely what they wanted, but they lost control of the virus due to laboratory carelessness before they could create a cure for it. I don’t think they wanted it released in mainland China. The Communist Party of China may be evil, but could they be that evil?

Next Steps

If you watched the video, then you know the investigative reporter found information the Chinese government didn’t want anyone to possess. Even if you didn’t come to the same conclusions as I, you have to agree China withheld information and spread disinformation at the same time. The Chinese government cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

President Trump was right to start limiting trade with China when he did. He was almost prophetic when he banned travel from China. Many companies, not just from the United States, terminated their outsourcing agreements with China. The remaining companies need to follow suit.

The Chinese government claims the United States took the coronavirus to China. That could be true if you consider the likes of Charles M. Lieber and James Patrick Lewis, both recruited by China. There’s no telling how many other Americans have betrayed their country by working with the Chinese government.

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By RT Cunningham
April 14, 2020