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Using Can Openers, Bottle Openers or No Openers at all

openers Unlike the Filipinos who live around me, I can’t open a can or a bottle without an opener of some kind. I have multiple bottle openers and one can opener in a kitchen drawer.

A friend brought me a can opener from Belgium when he came here shortly after I whined about not having a good one. Even though it too was made in China, it didn’t break after a month. In fact, it still works well.

Can Openers Made in China

I’ll probably be told I’m wrong. I believe China exports substandard products to the Philippines and probably other Asian countries of the Far East. I believe they ship better products to Europe than anywhere else.

Both in the United States and here in the Philippines, I’ve never had anything made in China last as long as I would expect. My friend, Karel, bought and brought a can opener from Belgium that was made in China. Karel’s gift has already lasted longer than any can opener I’ve ever bought in the Philippines.

It makes me wonder if any other products made in China are better there than here.

Opening Cans without a Can Opener

I can’t make this stuff up. I’ve watched Filipinos open cans with a knife faster than I can with a can opener. I suppose if I learned to do things without the proper tools, I’d get good at it too.

It’s not just cans. They can open beer bottles without bottle openers faster than I can retrieve one of mine from the kitchen.

Opening Beer Bottles without Bottle Openers

You can find examples of people opening beer bottles with all kinds of things on YouTube. I won’t bother to point you to any of them.

I’ve watched Filipinos opening beer bottles with other beer bottles. I’ve watched them opening them with cheap disposable lighters. At least one guy opened a bottle with his teeth.

The last time I put a bottle opener on the table outside, when we had a party, no one used it. All the beer was consumed without anyone using it once.

Maybe I’m a bit more civilized (or I like to think I am). I can’t open cans or bottles without openers and I’m not willing to learn. If I ever get into a situation where I need an opener and I don’t have one, I’ll probably do without.

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By RT Cunningham
June 3, 2017
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