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Online Storage Drive Clients - Windows is Always Supported

online storage drive clients When it comes to online storage drive clients, Windows is always supported. Macs are usually supported and Linux machines are usually ignored.

Way back in 2012, Google promised a Linux version of the Windows client. They have yet to deliver. A few Linux enthusiasts developed some command-line utilities (Grive, Grive2 and others) to compensate but I never wanted to mess with any of them. Times have changed even if Google hasn’t.

Online Storage Drive Clients

I have to admit, I haven’t used half of them. Probably a lot less than half. I can name them on my fingers and here they are, including the clients for Linux:

I already wrote about the file sync services behind these online drive storage clients. I’m only going to mention a few of them individually.

overGrive for Google Drive

I bought overGrive from The Fan Club in South Africa in August 2016 and I happily used it with the Linux Mint Cinnamon Edition for months. I stopped using it when I switched to the Mate Edition because the icon wouldn’t display in the tray. There wasn’t an easy way to just look and know it was running.

The license fee was $4.99 USD. It still is and the software is still at the same version. Luckily, it still works with Cinnamon. I have yet to find any instructions for stopping and starting it from the command line. The instructions I found for Dropbox don’t work for Dropbox either.

When I switched to the Mate Edition, I used Mega as my online storage service. I haven’t used it in a long time.

ODrive for Google Drive

I found ODrive (or Open Drive, it seems to use both names) on the Electron Apps page. If you follow its link to the source, you’ll find the latest version. I also found the earlier version in the Linux software manager.

When I searched for “odrive” through Google, I found odrive, an online storage linking service. When I searched for “open drive”, I found OpenDrive, an online storage service. I don’t think there’s a relation between the client and either service.

ODrive is a simple and decent client. I only used it for a day or two to see if it worked as well as overGrive and it did.

The pCloud Online Storage Drive Client

The Windows client has to be installed. The Linux version doesn’t. It’s an AppImage. Other than that, it works about the same as any other client. I haven’t done anything with it, other than testing it.

I’m using Dropbox today and that’s only because it’s the only service I know how to use for backups from my server (using Dropbox Uploader). If I can find code on the net, or figure it out myself, I’ll be able to use something else. pCloud seems like it would be a better option.

I’m sure I haven’t found all the file sync services or the online storage drive clients to go with them. If you have any suggestions, feel free to chime in.

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By RT Cunningham
May 20, 2019