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Online Jobs, Google Search, and Google AdSense

online jobs I’m always on the lookout for online jobs that aren’t data entry jobs. There are plenty of data entry jobs. While I can type 60-plus words a minute and I’ve done data entry jobs before (as a temp), it’s the kind of online job I actively avoid. The last thing I need as I approach my senior years is carpal tunnel syndrome.

When I do a search for “online jobs”, the results depend on the IP address I’m connected from. Google’s various country search engines ignore the country. How do I know? Because I don’t use for anything.

A Google Search for Online Jobs

I sometimes set the Google search engine address to by entering “”, which means “no country region”. If I fail to do that first, the search results will include “.ph” at the end of the domain name. Even so, here’s the top of the results I get for a search for online jobs from the Philippines (click or tap to enlarge):

The only way to truly get results from the United States is to use an SSH tunnel. I’m using my server’s IP address in San Francisco (again, click or tap to enlarge):

There’s one or two reasons the Google AdSense ad appears at the top for the Philippines. Either there are no online jobs in the Philippines or employers in the Philippines aren’t paying to advertise on Google’s search engine. When I think of how little employers pay Filipinos in regular jobs, I’m inclined to believe it’s the first reason.

Do Online Jobs Really Include Google AdSense?

Yes, but not directly. If you read the ad closely, the first line of text says: “Join others who’ve earned from their Blogs. Work from home, live your Passion.”

Google AdSense ads are added to online content, after the content is ready for publication. You get paid for clicks. Your job is to attract readers and then hope they’ll click on one or more of your ads. Online content isn’t limited to blogs, but the blog format is one of the easiest formats to monetize with Google AdSense ads.

The secret to making money with Google AdSense is to produce a lot of compelling online content. If you concentrate on what people search for and produce a lot of content for it, you’ll make good money. It doesn’t do much good to do it any other way. I have experience with doing it the wrong way.

Real Online Jobs

I don’t bother trying to manipulate the search engine with my web browser anymore. If I want to know the search results in the United States, I’ll use the SSH tunnel that only takes me a minute to set up.

Several years ago, I would have recommended starting a blog to make money. I won’t recommend it today, not as a primary source of income anyway. People, in general, have moved away from getting information from blogs. They spend more time on social networks than anywhere else.

Yes, you can still make money with a blog and Google AdSense, but it’s harder than ever to do so.

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By RT Cunningham
January 24, 2018
Education and Employment