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Ocelot - Like an Ordinary House Cat but Bigger and More Awesome

ocelot Until I watched a certain episode of the Archer TV series, I didn’t know about the Ocelot at all.

I should have known about it because I lived in Arizona until the age of 13 and they’re native to southern Arizona.

The Ocelot

According to the Wikipedia page for the Ocelot, it’s native to southern Arizona and southern Texas. There’s at least one ocelot caged at the Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona. I went to that museum when I was young, on a class field trip, but I don’t remember anything more than fleeting images of bats.

It’s bigger than the average house cat, but not really that much bigger. Some house cats are pretty big. They’re probably not as dangerous as feral cats. Feral means their ancestors were house cats.

Taming one of these creatures is probably as easy as taming a house cat, as long as you start with a kitten. Some famous people traveled with their ocelots, like Salvador DalĂ­. The Archer ocelot was named “Babou”, just like his.

I Actually Like Cats

Even house cats, when they’re treated as pets and not left to scavenge on their own. The scavengers around my compound tend to behave badly around people. They only come around for scraps of food, annoying everyone when we’re eating outdoors.

Here’s a bit a trivia you probably don’t care about: Sylvester the Cat, the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoon character, is named after the Felis silvestris wild cat species.

I would love to have an ocelot as a pet (they’re not endangered) or any cool-looking cat for that matter. Unfortunately, my wife (Josie) is allergic to either the hair or the dander. A hair just needs to touch some spot on Josie’s skin and a welt will appear within minutes.

Now, I may like cats but I’m not insane. I would never have a tiger, lion, leopard or any other wild cat that’s big enough to eat me. Neither the ordinary house cat nor the ocelot is that large.

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By RT Cunningham
December 15, 2017
Animal Kingdom

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