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To AMP or Not to AMP, that is the Question – The Answer is Not to AMP

Google AMP When it comes to web development, I’m fond of testing the waters even when it doesn’t help anything. I just completed more than 90 days of testing AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

Yes, I said don’t bother with it way back in September of 2017. And then I went ahead and bothered with it in April of 2018 (silly me). I reverted back to a regular website today and I don’t plan to bother with it yet again until and unless it becomes completely unavoidable.

My Decision to Stop Using AMP

One simple reason: AMP doesn’t help this website in any way. Sure it makes my pages load almost instantaneously from mobile phones, but my pages were nearly instantaneous before I switched to AMP.

My pages aren’t appearing any further up on Google’s search engine pages than they did before I switched. One of the main reasons I wanted to test it was to see if it would make a difference. It didn’t.

I won’t get into the details but there were some things I simply could not do. I could only do what AMP recognized.

There are other reasons that I won’t get into. They only matter to me.

My Redesign without AMP

My website isn’t completely static anymore. I spent most of the week (since the last article) moving everything from my laptop to the server. Getting things to cache correctly, without a plugin, took some time.

I’m using the WordPress Jetpack plugin, but only for proofreading, social sharing (nix that, the buttons don’t work, I have to do something else) and statistics and I’m using a Google font. It’s going to take some more time to make things work exactly the way I want them to work and I’m not in a hurry.

I’m going to use a contact form on my contact page again (nope, I changed my mind). I’m going to add the Disqus commenting system to the bottom of my articles again. The Facebook comment plugin didn’t get used even once in three months. Again, I’m not in a hurry (though I’ll probably get them done today or tomorrow).


RT Cunningham
July 6, 2018
Web Development