Dealing with Noise Pollution where I Live in the Philippines

karaoke noise I recently wrote an article titled “Dealing with Noise Pollution at My House” at another website and what I wrote is still true. There’s one thing, though, that I failed to mention. The number one cause of all the noise around here is the children.

Not all the time, of course. It’s mostly in the evening hours, after school and when the day starts cooling down. It was horrible when they were on their “summer” break because they were out there longer than when after the school days start.

Noise Pollution Problems

It doesn’t matter where you go and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in. The noise level will continue to increase in any given area until someone does something about it. When my wife and I had our house built, there was very little noise. Nine years have passed and you wouldn’t believe we still live in the same neighborhood if you compare the amount of noise back then and the amount of noise today.

If you put aside the usual daytime noise, you’re left with what the neighbors produce at night. It really doesn’t matter if it’s intentional or not. There’s a lot of construction going on during the day and unfortunately, it’s all within earshot. But it’s temporary.

My neighbors all think they own a gaming reserve and have several roosters in every yard. I’ve learned to tune them out or I would never fall asleep. The roosters crow at all hours of the night. I even tune out the barking dogs (mostly street dogs) unless they’re having a barking contest right in front of my house.

The things that wake me up at night are the motorcycles and the trikes (motorcycles with sidecars). Their mufflers leave a lot to be desired.

Noise Pollution Solutions

It’s unfortunate that the simplest solutions are usually the most expensive. I can’t do what I’d like to do without spending a lot of time and money. The return on my investment probably wouldn’t be as much as I’d like anyway.

Sound proofing my windows would be the best answer, but I would have to tear out the windows and start over. The best windows would be dual-pane or even triple-pane, but I can’t find those here. I would have to make my own.

The best solution I’ve found is by canceling out most of the noise. I play instrumental music on my laptop while I’m working on something – classical, modern classical and light jazz. Vocals distract me. The noise really doesn’t bother me if I’m watching a movie or some television episode. I just make sure my sound is louder than the sound coming from outside.

Dealing with all the Noise

As I just mentioned, I have most of the noise solved, including the children running up and down the street in front of my house screaming at each other. One thing I can’t do anything about is the karaoke noise when neighbors celebrate their birthdays. I can’t figure out why they want the entire neighborhood to hear their feeble attempts at being the next YouTube star (or something). When they get drunk, they all sound alike anyway.

I try to respect my neighbors. When we have parties, which include karaoke, we keep the volume level lower than anyone else and we quit earlier than they ever will. When they get started, I just have to bear it until they quit and sometimes that’s as late as three in the morning. It’s a good thing I’m retired and I don’t have to go to work or I’d have a lot of enemies.

June 15, 2015


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filipinoztyle – October 3, 2017

I’m not sure i agree with what you say regarding different countries and noise. It surely matters where you go. In my opinion an educated public is less likely to make unnecessary noise.

I mean, we have at least two security guards down the road, just outside our building where i live in BGC, Metro Manila, and these guards are blowing their whistles all day, every day.

No one really seems to care about them or their primitive attempt to prevent cars from stopping at the side of the road, meaning the whistling is pure nuisance.

Sometimes it wakes me up 3am in the morning and when i look out, the street is completely empty with only one car parked on the side of the street and a guard blowing his whistle full blast (at that specific car).

I’m thinking to myself, is this an intelligent being or how come this guard can’t understand the fact that blowing his whistle full blast in the middle of the night (in a very dense neighborhood) will have consequences for all people within reach of the noise (thousands).

Its a proven fact that the sound of whistles and horns is leading to stress. I have lived in BGC for three years now and the whistle blowing has been going on ever since, no matter what day or time.

There must be more intelligent ways of communicating with drivers as suppose to blowing a whistle disturbing a whole neighborhood every time you wish to communicate with one specific vehicle.

RT Cunningham – October 3, 2017

I understand your plight even if I can’t offer a suggestion, other than find another place to live. I don’t think “disturbing the peace” is violating the law anywhere in the Philippines. If it is, the law isn’t enforced. I haven’t been to one area where people have the sense to be quiet at night.

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