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Niche Markets attract Visitors and Money

coins - niche markets I’m a successful failure because I don’t write about a specific niche, or even a group of niches.

To be effective in any niche market, you have to be passionate about it. You can be successful without being passionate, but it’s a lot harder to do. When you’re passionate, it’s easy to write about your passion. It becomes a chore when you’re not. It’s pretty easy to spot websites where the author’s are just going through the motions. It’s also pretty easy to spot them when they truly enjoy what they’re writing about.

What, exactly, is a Niche?

The definition in this context is “market segment”. The word is pronounced like “nitch”, not like “neesh”. I’ll stop watching a marketing video when the speaker can’t even get the pronunciation right.

Another way to think of a niche is a subject or topic. Or a related group of subjects or topics. You have broad niches and you have narrow niches. “Cars” would be a broad subject while “electric cars” would be a narrow subject. “Tesla cars” would be an even narrower subject.

How broad or narrow a niche needs to be depends on the subject at hand and this is why I’m a failure. I can’t even narrow myself down to a broad segment of a specific subject group.

Making a Living by Niche Blogging

Most of what I’ve read about niche markets is about writing about niche markets. The terminology varies but basically, it’s about using niche blogging as a primary source of income. People are interested in things like this and you can get where I’m coming from if you read this page of comments coming from so-called “experts”.

The problem most people have when trying to break into this kind of thing is that they either want to go “all in” or not at all. The advice I always give to people is simple. Don’t quit your day job. Niche markets come and go and so do the ways you an effectively make money from them.

I tend to stay away from websites that try to give away free reports and that’s because I know how all of this works. It’s something I used to study every day. So… I tend to stay away from websites where niche marketing is the main subject.

I don’t need to make a Living

I’m a successful failure because I refuse to do the one thing that I could be successful in doing and that’s niche blogging. I retired from the regular work force in 2006 and the last thing I want to do is get involved in a different form of work.

Even if I get wild hair up my ass and decide to focus my efforts on a niche of some kind, I won’t go any further with it than banner advertising when trying to make money with it. The biggest problem I have is that I’m not passionate about anything or more specifically, my passions change far to often to focus on anything specific.

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By RT Cunningham
May 8, 2016