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Do You Still Get Your News from Newspapers and Television?

newspaper news The days of getting news from newspapers and television are slowly coming to an end. The newspaper industry already knows it but the broadcast industries have their heads buried in the sand.

Major news organizations have to change or they’ll be left behind. I’m talking about the ones that aren’t ready yet.

Getting My News on the Net

I guess I’m lucky I was forced to rely on something other than television or newspapers when I moved to the Philippines in 2006. I didn’t understand Tagalog (Filipino) very well and local newspapers were nonexistent.

My sources were linked by Google, Yahoo and MSN. I rarely get past Google News these days.

I understand a lot more Tagalog now but local news is still limited: Olongapo SubicBay BatangGapo Newscenter on Facebook and Subic Bay News are two sources I visit on occasion.

Alternative News Sources

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve pretty much given up on some of the alternative news sources. I used to visit when it was still popular. It’s nothing like it was back then.

I get RSS feeds from places I don’t want to visit, like Techdirt. I’ll visit places like Fark and Slashdot on occasion but not very often. Perhaps I’ll switch to feeds for them as well.

Probably the worst place to get news from is from social sites like Facebook. Forget about the fake stuff for a minute and think about the age. Some of what I see, which looks recent, is actually quite old. It does no good at all to get worked up by something that’s no longer a thing.

Mainstream News Online

If you look for them, you’ll find them. CNN, Fox and other network news stations have their counterparts online. Even some “local” stations have online counterparts. Eventually, the cable networks will be forced to concede. If you still watch CNN on TV, you’re quickly becoming a minority.

I don’t know about you but if I want to see Sean Hannity on Fox, I’ll watch his shows on YouTube. The biggest reason? I don’t like advertisements no matter how short they are. Even advertisements for other shows on the same channel are annoying to me. SYFY is notorious for it but I digress. That’s an entertainment channel.

I avoid the mainstream stuff, even online. Smaller, more specialized websites do a better job at reporting today. If I want to read something about technology, Wired is a better choice than Fox or CNN.

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By RT Cunningham
December 30, 2017