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I Bought a New Windows Laptop and Retired My Linux Mint Laptop

windows I bought a new Windows laptop on June 29. Amid tons of interruptions and other commitments, I finally finished setting it up today. Almost three days.

I bought it at the Base Exchange at Eglin Air Force Base. The total cost was $279.00 because I didn’t have to pay tax on it. That’s about $10.00 more than the Linux laptop I retired today, which I bought in 2013.

Remembering the Reasons I Don’t Like Windows

Setting up a Windows laptop is pain, regardless of which version I’m using. I had to change a lot of settings. To be fair, Windows 10 isn’t nearly as bad as it was when I last touched a laptop with it on it. But it’s still bad when compared to just about anything Linux.

I followed my own advice and fixed a few things. I’m not done installing software. I’m removing some software bloat as I go. McAfee LiveSafe had to go immediately. It’s a 30-day trial version and I will not pay for a subscription to keep it going. After uninstalling, Windows Defender became the default, which is what I wanted. I don’t visit suspicious sites anyway, so I’m not worried about it AT ALL.

It seems like I have to jump through hoops to get some things working correctly on Windows 10. The constant reboots to finish installing anything is driving me bonkers. Linux Mint is at least 100 times easier to set up.

Using Windows will Probably be Temporary

I’ve used Windows more than anything else since 1994. In every version, it never fails. The installation will eventually get corrupted for one reason or another. With earlier versions, I had floppy disks and CDs. I don’t have anything now. If this installation gets corrupted or the hard drive fails, I’m not going to even bother to try to restore anything. No, I’ll go right back to Linux something.

My Linux Mint laptop, another HP machine, is about five years-old. It would probably last another five if I hadn’t used it for more than eight hours day for the past five. I retired it while it still works. It’s my backup machine.

A sister-in-law confiscated my other laptops just before I left the Philippines. One of her daughters will be using the “netbook”, which ran flawlessly. She’s going to try to get the one with the whacked out monitor fixed. She has an identical laptop with a good monitor. I wished her luck - both laptops are 2012 models.

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By RT Cunningham
July 1, 2018

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