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New Subdomain Names are in My Future and at Zero Cost

I’m going to start using some new subdomain names with my domain name. Yes, www.rtcx.net includes a subdomain name (www) but it’s treated differently from other subdomain names. It essentially means the same thing as the bare domain name (without the www).

In some circles, it’s called the apex domain name. The meaning is correct in that the bare domain name is the highest in the hierarchy. It just seems a little too complex to me.

New Subdomain Names

I have a list of every subdomain name I’ve ever used with my domain name. 10 in all, which are now blocked. I may unblock and revive some of those old subdomain names while creating new subdomain names. Some of the old subdomain names have backlinks pointed at them and reviving them would be a good idea.

Adding new subdomain names at a web server comes at zero cost most of the time. The only time I can see it costing anything is when it’s being done at someone else’s hosting account. That’s one of the reasons I always recommend self-hosting.

Why Not Create those New Subdomain Names now?

The reason I put “future” in the title is because I’m waiting for the Let’s Encrypt project to roll out wildcard SSL certificates. That’s supposed to happen on February 27th according to their roadmap.

I had to create each subdomain name one at a time, and then create the certificates, the last time I did it. That’s not such a big deal in itself but cleaning up the certificates not being used is a pain. With a wildcard certificate, I can add and remove new subdomain names at will, without messing with most of my configuration files.

I’m going to create the new subdomain names one at a time again, but this time it has nothing to do with certificates. I have to place content at each subdomain before moving to the next one.

I know what you’re thinking. Why not just get more domain names? Domain names cost money. Yes, I know I can get them for free but I don’t trust free. New subdomain names won’t cost me anything, ever.

February 17, 2018
Web Development

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