Finally, a new SSD for my Dead Laptop Computer

ADATA SSD Today, an ADATA SSD was delivered to my home by LBC Express, a courier for Lazada Philippines. I chose this one instead of another popular brand, SanDisk. I don’t know exactly why, but it may have to do with some of the reviews I read about the SanDisk SSD models being used with Linux.

I ordered it on March 2, 2016 and it just arrived today, so it took about 12 days to get to my house in Olongapo City from where it was shipped from in metro Manila. That isn’t bad for something that came with free shipping. The total price came out to 2690 pesos, or about $57 USD, which includes the 12 percent VAT. I already mentioned computer parts are more expensive here than in the United States.

I’ll Install the SSD Tomorrow

The only thing I did today was remove it from the LBC Express packaging and then from its own packaging. This SSD is incredibly light compared to the hard disk drives I’ve removed from more than one dead laptop computer. It’s late in the day and I prefer working on computer hardware when it’s early in the morning, just after daylight. That’s when it’s cool enough for me to mess with things without breaking into an immediate sweat.

This won’t be the first time I’ve replaced a hard drive in a laptop computer, but it’ll be the first time replacing a hard disk drive with an SSD. Solid-state drives were too small and too expensive the last time I did it.

Choosing Lazada Philippines over Local Stores

I’m surprised how long it’s been since I started having problems with the hard drive in that laptop computer. I temporarily repaired it with software, the first time, in September of 2015. I did it a few more times before it became a dead laptop computer in October. I’m using the backup computer, another laptop, until it’s ready to be used again.

I put things off because my younger son came home on leave in December (from the United States Army) and then got married while he was here. I checked prices at local stores while he was here and the only thing I could find that was big enough was the SanDisk SSD Plus and it was more expensive than what Lazada Philippines wanted for the same model. Everything involved with his visit caused me to have nothing left in my budget for a couple of months.

Linux Mint instead of Windows 10

Yes, I’ll be installing Linux Mint on that laptop computer. That means I’ll have to download the latest ISO, create a bootable USB disk, and then wait for the process to complete on the laptop. Depending on interruptions, it could take as long as two hours. Well, probably not as long as it would take on a platter drive.

The beauty of Linux is the distribution choices. With Windows, you get one choice (or a variation of that choice). There are more Linux distributions than you can shake a stick at and most of them can work extremely well with an SSD. If I don’t like what I see when I get through with the installation, I can choose another flavor.

Hopefully, my next article will be written from a laptop computer running Linux.

March 14, 2016


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