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New Orleans, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi on a Long Weekend

Jackson Square in New Orleans, Louisiana My wife, Josie, and I have been meaning to visit New Orleans, Louisiana at least once while on our vacation. We were close to the city when we last visited Biloxi, Mississippi. We visited Biloxi this weekend and made it a point to visit New Orleans on Sunday, the second day of the weekend.

This is a long weekend because Martin Luther King’s birthday on Monday is a Federal holiday. My daughter-in-law, Diann, is in the Air Force. We’ll be returning to Florida on Monday, the last day of the weekend.

The Trip to New Orleans

Josie and I stayed at two different hotels. One night at the Imperial Palace Casino and one night at the Palace Casino. Both casino hotels are in Biloxi. We spent several hours going to and touring New Orleans. This probably wasn’t the best weekend for the trip. The New Orleans Saints and the Los Angeles Rams football teams were playing at the Superdome. The Saints lost.

My older son, Joseph, and his family treated Josie and me to everything. It’s the weekend before our 34th wedding anniversary. He parked the rental car at some parking lot in the French Quarter and we hoofed it through the French Market to the bus stop where we waited for the tour bus. We went on the tour, all six of us, starting at stop 2 and ending at stop 1.

Stop 1 was the Jackson Square, where an equestrian statue of President Andrew Jackson is prominently displayed. Jackson was a general during the Battle of New Orleans in 1815 and became the United States President in 1829. The tour wasn’t as long as I would have liked but I got to see what I was most interested in, the old buildings.

I learned one thing from the tour guide: The difference between a balcony and a gallery. A gallery is supported by posts or columns and a balcony is not. I don’t know what the city looked like before the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 but I know what it looks like now. Like any city, there are some parts that are nicer than the rest.

My Last Trip to New Orleans

There are many places I would never intentionally visit. New Orleans is one such place. Being in Florida with Joseph and his family changed that. By car, it’s less than six hours away from where we stay at Eglin Air Force Base. Not taking the opportunity to visit when we’re so close would be a big mistake. We’ll probably never get another chance to take a trip to that city.

I’m not really impressed with anything in New Orleans, I’m sorry to say. The historical architecture interests me and that’s about it. I have no relatives, that I know of, living anywhere in the state. There was a very, very slight chance that I could have been stationed at the Marine Corps base before I retired in 1998. I actually know one guy who was.

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By RT Cunningham
January 20, 2019