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black pepper - natural medicine Some medical industries make money by treating people, not curing them. Pharmaceutical companies get rich with drugs that treat symptoms. Natural remedies exist for all kinds of ailments, including some forms of cancer. Some of these remedies were made illegal at one point or another, forcing people to pay more for the legal remedies. Tropical locations like the Philippines are abundant in plants that can cure more things than you can image. It’s sad that we live in a world where businesses get rich off of the sick and dying. They don’t need to get rich off of you.

Black Pepper and Long Pepper

In August of 2011, I read an article in Nature magazine about the possible health benefits of long pepper. The research indicated that piperlongumine stops the spread of cancer cells in mice while leaving normal cells alone. This is a natural ingredient of long pepper and it prompted me to research its cousin, black pepper.

Long pepper is piper longum and it’s primarily available in India, where it’s usually labeled pippali. Black pepper is piper nigrum and it’s available practically everywhere. I don’t know if black pepper has piperlongumine in it since only long pepper is mentioned, but it’s also used as medicine.

Cannabis is a Natural Medicine

It’s hard to the get the United States federal government to admit to things it’s denied for years. Cannabis (commonly called marijuana) is a natural medicine and can relieve the symptoms of many ailments. According to the National Cancer Institute it can kill cancer cells. I’ll quote the exact line from the page:

Cannabis has been shown to kill cancer cells in the laboratory.

Philippine Alternative Medicine

StuartXchange, a website maintained by Dr. Godofredo U. Stuart Jr., has tons of information on medicinal plants that exist in the Philippines. When I need to find information on a specific plant, I usually start at the Philippine Alternative Medicine page. [By the way, I tried to get this guy to modernize his website months ago but he chose not to do so.]

Some foods are favored as natural remedies in the Philippines. Malunggay (moringa), ampalaya (bitter melon) and tanglad (lemon grass) are three that I’m familiar with. Some are natural remedies from other places. I’m familiar with oregano and cranberry juice (pure).

Natural Remedies without Doctors

Doctors can prescribe drugs to reduce symptoms. They can’t prescribe nutritional supplements. Some of the ailments you may suffer from can be relieved or even cured by using natural sources. That’s where the nutritional supplements come from.

My wife, Josie, once suffered from lower back pain. The doctor prescribed muscle relaxers. I had her flush her kidneys. Guess which treatment got rid of the pain and cured her of the cause?

I’ve consumed some of the things I’ve mentioned. Except for a certain leg condition, I’m as healthy as I was when I retired from the military in 1998.

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