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Using an MP3 Player for Playing Music Instead of My Cell Phone

MP3 PlayerWith the right music app and enough storage space, a cell phone works quite nicely as an MP3 player, or as a media player for other audio and video formats. It works great for listening to a few songs at a time, especially when a cell phone charger is nearby.

Like many other people today, I use my cell phone for everything (when I’m not sitting in front of my laptop computer, that is). I use it as an MP3 player because I don’t have anything else portable available to me right now. That’s going to change, and only in about a month or so (after the holidays).

Using a Cell Phone as an MP3 Player

In my opinion, using a cell phone for playing music is overkill. I’m asking my phone to play music along with everything else it’s already doing. The battery already has to be charged too frequently for my tastes. And… the built-in speaker always leaves something to be desired. Which is fine, by the way, if you’re not trying to please anyone and you’re satisfied with it for yourself.

You can use wired computer speakers or portable Bluetooth speakers, the choice is yours. The computer speakers have to plugged into the audio output jack, which is usually used for earbuds. You have more freedom with Bluetooth speakers.

Using an MP3 Player

Although a lot of YouTube videos say dedicated MP3 players are obsolete, I disagree. A lot of manufacturers, like SanDisk, disagree as well, or they wouldn’t keep making them. In fact, SanDisk is the brand I plan to buy. That is, unless someone can point out something better at the same price points.

An MP3 player uses far less electricity than a cell phone. The battery life for one of the SanDisk models is up to 18 hours. I’ve never used anything longer than 12 hours, even at parties, so I’ll be good to go.

Like a cell phone, an MP3 player can hook up to wired computer speakers or portable Bluetooth speakers.

Bluetooth Speakers

As I’ve mentioned in other articles, I have two Bluetooth speakers. The one I have in the Philippines has to be plugged in (I need to do something about that) and the one I have with me here in Hawaii has a battery that lasts for a day or so - I’ve never timed it.

The Bluetooth speaker in the Philippines is barely powerful enough for an outdoor party (in my compound). The Bluetooth speaker I have here isn’t even close to being powerful enough. I’m supposed to be back in the Philippines within a year, so I need to get something more powerful than either one.

Since Amazon isn’t supporting the Philippines like I thought it would, I have to rely on Lazada Philippines for things I can’t find in Olongapo or at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Regardless of where I find one, I want a powerful Bluetooth speaker with a battery that lasts at least as long as the MP3 player.

Image Attribution: Clker-Free-Vector-Images at Pixabay

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By RT Cunningham
November 8, 2019
Cell Phones, Entertainment and Recreation

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