My First Movie Theater Movie in over a Decade

- April 13, 2016

theater popcorn - movie theater movie I can tell you the last time I watched a movie in a theater. Other than today, that is. It was “Spider-Man 2” in 2004, in a Harkins Theatre in metro Phoenix.

Me, my wife (Josie) and a small entourage just returned from the Ayala Harbor Point Mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. We watched “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” and we enjoyed it. There were flaws in the movie, but I can’t remember watching any movie that didn’t have at least one flaw.

Movie Ticket and Concession Prices

I don’t know why Josie wanted to watch a movie in a theater today. Maybe she just wanted to get away from the people she can’t seem to get away from every day. Those of you paying the ridiculous prices involved in watching a theatrical movie in the United States can only envy how little we had to pay. There were six of us altogether.

Each ticket was 170 pesos (about $3.60 USD). We bought three buckets of popcorn and three large drinks Each bucket of popcorn was 100 pesos (about $2.20) and each large drink was 65 pesos (about $1.40). The total cost was around $33 USD. Josie and I spent more than that in 2004 and it was just the two of us.

Future Movie Plans

In a couple of weeks, “Captain America: Civil War” will be playing at the same mall. We’ll probably wait for the second week, which will be the first week of May, to go and see it. We won’t be bringing any kind of entourage the next time. That is, if we go at all.

The reason we don’t go to theaters more often is because we usually just wait for the movies to show up on one of the cable channels. The theater we went to was just as nice as any in the United States but theaters in general don’t impress me.

I have a wide-screen TV in the living room (42 inches) and movies look great on it. When I watch a movie on it, and it’s rare that I do, I like being able to pause. You can’t pause at a theater.

If Josie doesn’t want to watch another movie in the theater, it won’t hurt my feelings at all.

A Brief Half-Assed Review

It should be obvious that “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” is a continuation of “Man of Steel” from 2013, which was the first installment in the DC extended universe. We were treated to a brief glimpse of the superheroes that will be joining Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the next installment. Another installment is almost mandatory, if only to show that Superman didn’t really die at the end of this one.

The flaw I spotted right away was how quickly Batman and Superman became friends after Batman almost killed Superman. I didn’t look for any others, but I’m sure when I watch it on video later on, something else will stand out.

I can’t understand why the critics didn’t like it. I thought the latest “Fantastic Four” movie was far worse. That one was so bad, I don’t intend to watch it ever again.





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