Close – A Scam I’m Not Going to Play Along with As I wrote when I wrote about (which I updated today), I’m naturally skeptical of schemes like that one and this one,

Just yesterday, Cathy (my daughter-in-law) showed me where said she would get paid on May 14. The amount was nearly $900. Well, that’s kind of hard to do when the website disappeared today. In fact, it now redirects to, which reinforces my belief that this is just another scam.

I told Cathy, when she started, that it was probably a scam. I’m sure of it now.

The PoorManToRichMan article had a link pointing to the domain name in it. My broken link checker notified me of the redirection a couple of hours ago. I removed the link.

I now have a link, in this article, pointing to I’ll probably be notified of a redirection again in June, to yet another domain name.

The new website looks a little more professional than the last one, but that doesn’t make it any less of a scam.

This is a Public Service Announcement Style of Article

I’m not going to waste my time by playing along this time. You shouldn’t either. I consider it my civic duty to warn people away from scams like this. Consider yourself warned.

There are legitimate ways to make money online by working online. It doesn’t matter if you work at home or somewhere else (like an Internet cafĂ©).

If you want a few examples of people making money online, visit Patreon. Become a creator and make money online the honest way.

Scams show up all the time and they always disappear later. Real opportunities stick around. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

As with the article you’re now reading, I’ll let you know when I spot another scam popping up.

Update June 2, 2017

The domain name now redirects to the domain name. It’s a continuation of the original scam and I can’t tell you when it started.

May 1, 2017

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