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Mobile Devices can be Inexpensive and Still Worth Buying

mobile devices For whatever reason, people seem to have this idea that everything Apple or Samsung is better than everything else when it comes to mobile devices. I call it brainwashing, perpetrated by the media and the constant barrage of commercial advertisements for those products.

The fact of the matter is that it’s not true. There are some high-quality and inexpensive alternatives to the iPhones, iPads, Galaxy phones and Galaxy tablets. You just have to know where to look.

Check and for Inexpensive Mobile Devices

I’m not just talking about mobile phones and tablets. I’m also talking about laptop computers and any other devices that qualify as mobile.

Someone recently asked me about some inexpensive laptops at and I had to straighten her out. Some inexpensive laptops are not worth getting unless you plan to replace Windows with a Linux or BSD variant. A lot of the ones I looked at only had 2 gigs of RAM included. Whether extra RAM can be added or not wasn’t listed in the specs.

I’ve done a lot of window shopping at and and I’m not even looking to buy anything. I use them to compare prices with what’s available locally. I may have mentioned this before, but laptop computers tend to be a lot more expensive in the Philippines.

The last time I viewed the prices of mobile phones and tablets at, I noticed a really large list of smartphones and tablets for under $100. No, there wasn’t an Apple or Samsung branded mobile device in the list I looked at, but there were some other well-known brands that nobody seems to talk about.

People don’t take care of Mobile Devices they get for Free

That’s a generality that’s mostly true. People tend to take care of the things they’ve saved their own money to buy. The same people tend to misuse and abuse anything given to them at no cost.

I brought several inexpensive RCA tablets back with me in December of 2014. Three of them are still working. The others were dropped, plugged into 220v outlets (these are all 110v devices) and things that made them inoperable within a few months.

Brands don’t Matter, Specifications Matter

Unless it’s made in China, I wouldn’t hesitate to get a no-name brand over a name brand mobile device if the price is right. I’d check the specs first, of course. Mobile devices with less than a gigabyte of storage aren’t worth getting – anything with eight or more are probably worth getting.

There are some local brands that are just as good as Apple and Samsung products, as long as you don’t buy the cheapest models. CKK and SKK are both made in the Philippines – those are the only local brands I’ve seen (or can remember). I think Cherry Mobile re-brands imported mobile devices but I could be wrong.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that you don’t have to spend $600 or more to get a good quality smartphone or tablet. If a no-name brand lasts as long as a major brand, what difference does it make in the long run?

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By RT Cunningham
March 31, 2016
Cell Phones