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A Mobile Device I No Longer Need for the Purpose Intended

Samsung Galaxy S4 - mobile device I’ve only had a couple of cell phones since January 2015. A cell phone is a mobile device I no longer need, at least not for the purpose intended.

I may not be the only person in this category. In fact, I’m probably one of many.

A Mobile Device for Two-Step Authentication

A cell phone probably isn’t necessary for two-step authentication anymore. I’m using a Chrome extension called authenticator on my laptop computer. It works exactly the same way as Google Authenticator and Authy on Android.

I log in to my Google Account (and other accounts) using a user name and password combination and then the code from the authenticator extension, all without having to pick up another device. This isn’t two-factor authentication but it is two-step. Frankly, I think a user name and an authenticator code combination (without the password) would be sufficient.

My Cell Phone is a Media Player

I rarely use my cell phone for anything else. My laptop computer is my preferred device for everything other than playing media. I watch Netflix and Amazon Prime Video and I listen to music on my cell phone. It’s usually paired with a bluetooth headset or a cheap bluetooth speaker (a “Boomsbox Mini” to be exact) but not always. I sometimes cast it to the television.

I use it to send and receive text messages on Facebook Messenger but I don’t like using it for Facebook or Twitter. My cell phone doesn’t have a SIM card in it, so I can only use it with the home Wi-Fi. Speaking of cell phones, I have one and my wife, Josie, has two. Only the newest one of hers has a SIM card in it. She has two cell phones because I refuse to replace mine with one of them.

I Need a Bigger Mobile Device

I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and yes, it’s old. A tablet would be a better option. And that’s exactly what I’m planning to get. Not an expensive one, mind you. I’m only going to use it for the same things I use the cell phone for, only with a bigger screen. My eyes are getting weak and watching a small screen makes them tired.

Josie’s been wearing eyeglasses to watch media on her phones (notice the plural there?) for years now. I don’t but then I’m nearsighted, not farsighted like her. If my eyes get too tired, and start to water, I just go to sleep.

I’m going to hang onto my cell phone, just in case things change again. I can’t see toting around anything larger for things like two-factor authentication. For everything else, I plan to use a tablet. If I can figure out how to position it above my head while laying in bed, I’ll be all set. I don’t do that with my cell phone, by the way, because I haven’t figured out how to set things up the right way.

I really don’t need to have anything falling on me, especially if I’ve already fallen asleep.

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By RT Cunningham
June 12, 2019
Cell Phones