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Mega is My Preferred Cloud Storage Service on Linux Mint (MATE Edition)

Mega (link) is a fantastic cloud storage service. From what I can tell, the desktop client works on all platforms. No other cloud storage service gives 50 gigabytes just for registering.

I have accounts with other multiple cloud storage services including Dropbox, Google Drive and pCloud. I don’t use any of them (outside of cell phone integrations).

Mega, Megaupload and Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom was the founder of the now defunct Megaupload. He started Megaupload in 2005. United States government agencies shut it down in 2012 and seized all the assets they could get their hands on. He was allegedly operating an organization dedicated to copyright infringement.

A year later, Kim Dotcom relaunched Megaupload as Mega. He has since distanced himself from that company, for whatever reason. It doesn’t matter. It’s none of my concern.

Using Mega instead of other Cloud Storage Services

I previously mentioned other online file storage solutions. I also mentioned I wasn’t using any of them anymore.

I’m using Linux Mint and some of the desktop clients work better than others. When I switched to the MATE edition, the OverGrive client (for Google Drive) no longer worked. The Dropbox client worked half the time. Some of the others don’t have clients at all, instead integrating into the file system. I don’t like treating a cloud service directory as another drive, using WebDAV or anything like it.

The Mega desktop client is a lot like the Dropbox desktop client. It works perfectly on my computer, unlike any of the others. Files get synced immediately. Since uploading interferes with everything, I prefer to add or change files between midnight and 6 am, while I’m sleeping. I have a cron job sending backups to my external SSD. The target will soon be my Mega folder.

I really have no use for cloud storage services like Mega, other than for backups. My connection is too slow (upstream) to make it practical for anything else.

February 23, 2018

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