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Can You Make Money With a Blog While Living in the Philippines?

US United States dollars money - make money You can still make money with a blog while living in the Philippines, whether you’re an expatriate or a native Filipino. It’s a little harder than it used to be, but you can still do it. I should know about making money as an expat because that’s what I am when I’m in the Philippines.

I also know of a few other expats in the Philippines who make money with their blogs - I’m subscribed to receive articles from their blogs soon after they publish them.

You’re Going to Make Money If You Can Write

I’m not talking about writing like you would if you were writing a book or an essay. I’m talking about writing in a way that others can read. You can have an English language blog or you can have a Tagalog language blog, whichever you choose.

Unfortunately, the advertisers in the Philippines don’t pay nearly as well as they do in the United States. A Tagalog language blog, targeted at the Philippines, isn’t going to make nearly as much as an English language blog targeted at the United States.

If you feel like you can handle it, you should use both languages. You can then target both countries and cater to Filipino-Americans in the United States as well. There are several ways to use both languages at the same time but I can’t tell you best way to do it.

You Have to Be Passionate and Focused

I don’t make as much money as I used to make and it’s because I’m not as passionate about the subjects I write about even though I’m more focused than ever. But I still make money online.

It’s so much easier to write about subjects you’re passionate about. For example, if you’re passionate about cooking Filipino food, then that’s exactly what you should write about. When you’re passionate about your chosen subject, it’s so much easier to stay focused on that subject and it shows in the way you write.

Write About What People Want to Read

There are some subjects that no one will read, even if you’re passionate about them. Do a few searches on Google or Bing to see what kind of pages come up for your chosen subject. If nothing that specifically covers that subject comes up, it’s because it isn’t something that people search for. If no one searches for it, it’s unlikely it will do any better on social networks.

Frankly, travel blogs seem to do very well when you include a lot of information along with the pictures. The Philippines has a lot of history and the historical sites to go with it. Tourism is increasing every year and you should really take advantage of it.

Use the Right Blogging Platform

At this moment, I can’t tell which platform would be right for you. If you’re looking for a long-term career in writing to make money online, you need to get your own domain name even if you’re using Blogger as your platform.

Self-hosting is the best way, but it can be an expensive way for a native Filipino to get started. I’m working on a project where I can offer a hosting platform that’s easier than Blogger. I may even offer it for free, or a token amount for setting it up. I want it to be affordable to everyone, even Filipinos in the Philippines. After all, I want you to make money, just like the money I’m already making. How long it takes me depends on how fast I can get it done since I’m doing all the coding by myself.

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By RT Cunningham
March 13, 2014
Personal Finance