magicJack vs. Skype for International Calls from the Philippines

magicJack If you’re trying to save money on phone calls from the Philippines, you have a few good options. Skype is one of them and magicJack is another. There are other options, also using VoIP technology, but I’m not familiar enough with any of them to even comment about them. Any of the options that allow for inexpensive international phone calls will need an Internet connection at the very least. While magicJack doesn’t need a computer or any other device to work, other than itself, you’re limited to that device.

The Price of magicJack vs. the Price of Skype

The cost of the magicJack device is around $50.00. According to the website, magicJack costs about $3.00 per month, not including the device. I’m paying about $5.49 per month for Skype, for the same capabilities.

You have to put things in perspective. A year of magicJack will cost about $86.00. A year of Skype, for the same capabilities, will cost about $66. You won’t save anything with magicJack over Skype until the second year. If your magicJack device needs to be replaced before that second year, you won’t save anything until the third year – and so on and so on.

Skype is a software service that runs on multiple computers and mobile phones. It even works on third-party devices, like specialized handsets.

Sure, you don’t need a computer to use magicJack, but how many people do you know with an Internet connection without a computer to go with it?

What About Text Messages and Video

While magicJack can work with a computer, I don’t think text messaging, instant messaging or video is included. Skype includes these things, although SMS messages cost extra. Of course, these features may not matter to you if the only thing you want to do is hear the other party’s voice.

Ultimately, what you decide to use for international phone calls will depend on your preferences and how much you know about computers, if something should go wrong.

The way I look at it, it doesn’t matter which option you choose as long as you choose something other than long distance on a land line or through a mobile phone company. They’re going to have the highest per minute rates.

I can remember paying 24 cents a minute from the United States to the Philippines in the 1990s. Nowadays, even a phone card is cheaper.

Photo Attribution: By Atom888 (Own work) [GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

March 13, 2014


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