Lyca Gairanod, Future Philippine Superstar

Lyca Gairanod Lyca Gairanod is a 9-year old girl from a poor family in Cavite, Philippines. She’s the first grand champion of “The Voice Kids”, a Philippine reality singing television competition on the ABS-CBN network.

I’m not a Filipino, but I’m married to one (approaching 30 years). Watching Lyca’s story made me tear up faster than Josie did. And I didn’t even understand half of what was said. I have 16 nieces (from Josie’s siblings) in Olongapo and not one of them displays that kind of talent.

Lyca Gairanod and Her Story

I’ve always had a soft spot for poor people doing their best to lift themselves out of poverty. You can see this a lot in the Philippines. It’s in stark contrast to the welfare couch potatoes we hear about in the United States, who think they’re entitled to something without working for it.

Lyca Gairanod definitely worked for what she’s attained so far, which is incredibly amazing once you know her story. Her story was just told yesterday (Philippines time) in the weekly “Malaala Mo Kaya” dramatic anthology series, in the episode titled “Red Envelope”. Lyca played herself and she’s the only member of the family who did.

Lyca has the voice and the performing talent to become a Philippine superstar by the time she reaches adulthood. Barring unforeseen circumstances, 2014 should be the last year her family lives in poverty.

I don’t know how to contact her family, but they’re more than welcome to visit us at our house and compound in Olongapo City. Lyca Gairanod is already a celebrity and I’m sure all of our relatives would recognize her. They watch all those dramatic TV series every day. (I wouldn’t have a clue how to find the family in Cavite.)

Here’s a YouTube clip of Lyca Gairanod’s blind audition from May 25, 2014. You can view it in full at ABS-CBN’s “The Voice Kids” page for it. There’s more than a dozen clips on YouTube for each step of the competition.

The coaches in the show are Lea Salonga, Bamboo Mañalac (best remembered as a former vocalist for the Filipino rock band “Rivermaya”) and Sarah Geronimo and the show is hosted by Luis Manzanoa and Alex Gonzaga.

August 16, 2014


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