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Lubuntu on an MSI U100-XP Netbook (or Mini-Laptop or Notebook)

Lubuntu I have an old (2008, I think) MSI Wind U100-XP netbook. I’m going to install Lubuntu on it tomorrow.

I mentioned it in an article from November of 2016 (two months ago), about Linux Mint vs. Windows 10. I had Windows XP on it because I couldn’t seem to install anything else on it.

It turns out it was the USB image writer I used back then that was at fault.

The USB Image Writer

I had the same problem with the laptop computer I’m using now when I installed Linux Mint on it. I tried using the Universal USB Installer from, but the USB flash drive wouldn’t boot. Rufus was the program that worked.

I don’t remember but I probably tried to use the Universal USB Installer with the netbook and it had to be more than a year ago. Apparently, it doesn’t work right with all USB flash drives.

This time, I used the USB image writer included with Linux Mint to create the bootable USB flash drive with Lubuntu on it. I booted the netbook with it to make sure it will work when I start working on it tomorrow.

I’ll write about this again if it doesn’t work for some reason, but I’m pretty confident it will.

Why Lubuntu?

The 32-bit version of Lubuntu (and the CPU in the netbook is 32-bit) only needs 128 megabytes of memory. The netbook has one gigabyte available, the same amount of memory as the 2005 Dell Inspiron laptop computer I fixed in 2014.

One of my nieces (Michelle) is still using the Dell laptop computer, more than two years later. She knocked some more keys off of it and I can’t get replacement keys here. I’m not going to bother to try to get them from the United States either. Michelle seems to be able to use it the way it is and doesn’t complain.

I didn’t mention one thing when I finished fixing up the Dell laptop computer. I ended up installing the 32-bit version of Lubuntu on it instead of the 32-bit version of Linux Mint.

Why am I Doing this Tomorrow?

I have a very good reason. The netbook has a virus on it. The virus moves files on USB flash drives and then creates Windows shortcuts where those files used to be. I think it’s called the “USB shortcut virus” or something like that. My daughter-in-law, Cathy, took a USB flash drive to a local Internet café to print some documents. When she later plugged it into the netbook, the virus copied itself to the hard drive.

I tried installing multiple antivirus programs on the netbook, but none of them would install. A portable antivirus program wouldn’t work. I couldn’t even do anything with Lubuntu on the USB flash drive. The Windows XP installation is probably corrupt and I can’t restore it. I don’t want to restore it.

Cathy uses the netbook for everything. This is even after I told her she shouldn’t use it for anything but listening to music and watching videos. Some people never listen. She’s corrupted every USB flash drive I have except the 1 gigabyte flash drive I’ll be installing Lubuntu with.

By the way, the netbook has the word “Notebook” on it. I guess even MSI didn’t like using the word “Netbook” when they made it.

Next Day Update

Lubuntu installed without a hitch. I had more trouble getting the audio to work with a USB speaker bar than anything else.

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By RT Cunningham
January 31, 2017