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Loud Music, Beer and Liquor, and Male Bonding on Sundays

loud music Never mind the beer and the liquor. Our male bonding is merely an excuse to play loud music on Sundays and irritate our neighbors like they irritate us on any given day of the week.

A bilas (sister-in-law’s husband) recently bought a “dbAudio Bazooka” boombox. I don’t know what it’s capable of playing, other than what we’ve used it for so far.

I know it plays FM radio and audio over bluetooth and I think it plays audio from a mini-USB. It’s not my boombox, so I don’t really care.

Playing Loud Music

We don’t do it often and I’m talking about everyone in the compound, not just the guys. We rarely do the karaoke (or videoke) thing, which we reserve for only certain special occasions. Occasions like my mother-in-law’s 82nd birthday on March 2.

We have some neighbors who don’t know when to quit. When I say neighbors, I mean every home within earshot of this one. They’ll do the karaoke thing until morning or until someone threatens to report them to the barangay police.

We can’t be accused of doing the same. Our male bonding and loud music doesn’t start until after 10 am on any Sunday morning, usually a couple of hours later. And then it doesn’t last more than five hours. That’s how long it takes for most of us to be incapable of appreciating the loud music anymore.

Needless to say, but I’ll say it anyway, I’m usually worthless for anything else on Sundays.

Beer and Liquor

I prefer Tanduay Rhum (rum) Dark and Coke. The other guys prefer either Red Horse beer or Emperador Light brandy over ice. Both the rum and the brandy costs less than 100 pesos (two dollars) each for 750 millilitre bottles. Each bottle is slightly less than a fifth. When I can afford it, I’ll get Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold rum and mix it with cream soda.

Now, I’m not advocating alcohol use or abuse. It’s a fact of life in the Philippines and some Filipinos drink to the point of getting drunk as often as they can. I don’t like getting drunk. I usually get to the point of feeling a bit of mental numbness when I stop.

One of the best parts of these male bonding sessions is the pulutan, which means food and snacks eaten while drinking. And it’s usually supplied by one of the non-drinking women.

Male Bonding

As I mentioned, our male bonding is an excuse to play loud music more than anything else. That’s why it’s limited to Sundays. The people and the food involved may differ each week, but the day doesn’t.

Some music is better than others when we’re doing the loud music thing. Most of the Filipinos I hang out with prefer American rock, even hard rock. They like Bon Jovi and Journey in particular.

Until my bilas bought the boombox, I was bringing out a laptop and laptop speakers every Sunday. Those speakers didn’t qualify as playing loud music. Nowadays one of us will stream music from a cell phone. Which one of us doesn’t really matter because one cell phone battery will last longer than most of us will.

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By RT Cunningham
February 26, 2017
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