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Listening to Eighties Music in the Philippines

music cassettes - eighties music Depending on your perspective, you could say I’m old (I’m writing this at the age of 53) or you could say I’m young. Well, when it comes to music, age doesn’t really matter. I know many younger people who prefer eighties music as much or even more than I do. I even know a few older people who prefer it as well. I’m not talking about in the United States only because it’s also what I’ve experienced while living in the Philippines. It seems like there’s more music from that decade that spans the generations than any other decade of music.

Maintaining my Collection of Eighties Music

The last time I looked through the names associated with my music, I noticed how heavily it leaned toward the rock ballads of the 1980s. Of course that wasn’t all of it, because there was some stuff from other decades as well as other genres. It’s just that the brunt of it was the stuff from the eighties.

I started collecting music on cassette tapes in the 1970s and started replacing those tapes with CDs in the 1980s. When I was finally able to do so, I started replacing all of it with MP3 files. I’ve done a lot of conversions myself and I rarely buy music anymore.

Although I’m in the United States now, it’s only temporary. My wife and I plan to return to the Philippines after our younger son finishes his Army school, the one after basic training. He needs someone to visit when he takes his first period of leave. I have a large hard drive waiting for me at our house in the Philippines. It’s a terabyte in size but I haven’t filled half of it. I use that hard drive for storage, copying the files to other devices when I want to listen to it.

Listening to Eighties Music

I don’t listen to music at all much here in the United States. If I feel the need to listen to it, I’ll just put on my headphones and listen to it on YouTube. I listen to music a lot in the Philippines, especially when there’s a party taking place. With over 20 relatives (I lose count) living in my compound, and most of them being below the age of 18, there are more birthday parties than anything else.

Usually, after the party festivities have ended, the karaoke singing begins. That’s when whatever device is playing my music is turned off and retired for the evening. We have a karaoke microphone, with hundreds of songs on it, and a multimedia projector to use with it so that we have a unique kind of karaoke machine. Believe it or not, that microphone also has more eighties music on it than anything else.


RT Cunningham
March 4, 2014
Entertainment and Recreation