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Software for Linux Mint – overGrive is the Google Drive Solution

overGrive I have overGrive (a product of The Fan Club in South Africa) installed on my Linux Mint PC (the laptop I’m using now). I don’t know why it took me until last month to find it and install it. Perhaps it’s because I was happily using Dropbox on it.

The software isn’t free but I don’t think a $4.99 USD license fee will break anyone’s bank. I initially thought of passing on overGrive because of it, but I soon realized how little that amount really is. Besides, I think the developers deserve some support.

Using Google Drive with overGrive

Way back in 2012, Google promised a Linux version of the Windows client. They have yet to deliver. A few Linux enthusiasts developed some command-line utilities (Grive, Grive2 and others) to compensate but I never wanted to mess with any of them. The overGrive desktop client works almost as well as the Windows version put out by Google. I only know this because I still use it on my other laptop with Windows 10 on it.

It isn’t perfect but I’ve never used any software that was perfect, on any platform. Although overGrive is still in a beta status, it’s as close to perfect as it can probably get.

The only Drawback I’ve Found with overGrive

It’s the same drawback with Dropbox. I don’t want overGrive running all the time – only during certain hours when I know I won’t be using the computer for anything else.

I have yet to find any instructions for stopping and starting it from the command line. The instructions I found for Dropbox don’t work for Dropbox either. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it.

Why not stick with Dropbox alone? Well, I have about four gigabytes free with Dropbox and about 14 gigabytes free with Google Drive. I have automated backups going into the Google Drive folder and they would fill up the Dropbox folder online a lot faster than the Google Drive folder online. I don’t want to go in and remove files every other day. I could probably automate the deletion process, but I’m as lazy as the next guy.


RT Cunningham
September 3, 2016