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Link Worthy Links - Submit Your Link Worthy Links and Make Me Happy

link worthy linksI need people, people like you, to submit website links to me on my contact page. They need to be link worthy links. What are link worthy links, you may ask? Well, I can tell you what they aren’t. They aren’t links to pages with nothing more than an image or a paragraph of text, or nothing more than an advertisement masquerading as content.

Link worthy links are links to pages that deserve them. If you’re telling people about your day with your cat, it doesn’t deserve links. This isn’t something social.

Why Do I Want Link Worthy Links?

I link out to other websites all the time, mostly the English language version of Wikipedia. And that’s simply because I can’t find websites more suitable for the subject at hand. I would prefer to link to something less like an encyclopedia, something easier to read.

If I publish articles containing link worthy links, it may entice other people blogging or writing for fun and profit to do the same. My main motive, however, is having things to read that are outside the mainstream. I like to read and I’m getting tired of reading from the same mainstream sources every day. I follow links to their sources when I can, especially when they’re tech-related sources.

How to Submit Your Links

It’s simple because my contact page is simple. Just enter the link and tell me what it’s about, in about the size of a paragraph. Be careful how you word things. I get spammed via my contact page every day of the week. I’ll discard anything that looks like spam, which is pretty easy to spot. I don’t care about SEO services, naked women or drugs to combat erectile dysfunction.

I will not notify you when I use your link. You’ll have to visit my article list page later on to see if I’ve used it for a recent article. When I have something to write about, I generally do it every day. When I run out of things to write about, it will obviously take longer.

Please don’t copy someone else’s content and try to pass it off as your own. I don’t need your links bad enough to entertain stuff like that. If I see an improper link, even after publishing, I’ll be sure to remove it and take appropriate actions.

This Isn’t My First Rodeo

I can’t think of a better way to describe it. Years ago, I spent hours every day linking to one site or another. Or writing website reviews. Ah, but that was on a different, now defunct, website. I don’t want to spend the time required to do that again. I’m nearly a decade older and quite a bit slower.

This kind of thing can be fun, for both parties. When you start writing like you want to be appreciated, you probably will be appreciated. Appreciation can take many forms, not necessarily links to your link worthy links. (Say that a few times yourself and you may need a new tongue.)

By the way, please let other people know about this, any way you see fit.

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By RT Cunningham
September 24, 2019
Web Development