Liberal Attacks on the Trump Administration Need to Stop

liberal attacks on Trump Nothing tells the enemies of America how weak it is than the liberal left attacks on the Trump administration. Donald Trump is the duly elected President of the United States of America. It’s time for the liberal left to wake up and recognize that fact.

The liberal left includes most of the Democratic Party along with activists. They’ve continuously attacked Trump since the Republican Party nominated him. That was months before the election and they’re still doing it.

The latest fiasco is the temporary restraining order on a legally issued executive order. We can thank the most liberal court circuit, the 9th, for all this nonsense.

The Liberal Left gives True Liberals a Bad Reputation

I’ve known quite a few true liberals over the years. The ones I still talk to wince every time the liberal left does something incredibly stupid.

Undermining the executive branch of the federal government isn’t how you support your country. Unlike some of his predecessors, Trump is trying to fulfill his campaign promises. He can’t do it easily without the support of all Americans, not just conservatives.

Are they that Stupid?

A couple of years ago, I would have said no. Now, I say yes. A meme being passed around on Facebook (and other places) speaks my mind:

full retard

You went right past full retard and went full potato.

I honestly can’t say it any better than that. Trump is acting within the powers the United States Constitution and federal laws give him. The law he used for his executive order is pretty clear. If Congress doesn’t want him to have that power, they have to pass a bill to change or revoke it.

The justice system throughout the United States is infested by liberal activist judges. They like to legislate from the bench, an authority they don’t possess. I’m afraid it may take more than a few court battles to clean them out.

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