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Laptop or Desktop Computer - Which One Do You Prefer and Why?

laptop and desktop computer Laptop or desktop computer? I read a lot of responses to a similar question on Quora but I didn’t leave a comment.

There’s more to consider than hardware. What about the operating system? What about the software you absolutely need?

In some cases, the software will dictate the hardware. In other cases, it’s the other way around.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

What you and I call a laptop, others call a desktop. Especially when you view hardware metrics. They don’t differentiate between those two platforms.

Personally, I prefer using a desktop computer. I prefer a screen larger than what you find on the largest laptop. I’m a touch-typist, so I prefer a wide keyboard I don’t have to look down at.

I’m using a laptop now and it’s only because I can’t afford to buy anything to replace it. I have three laptops in my house and this is the only one that works correctly. One is running Windows 10, another is running Lubuntu (Linux) and this one is running Linux Mint as the operating system.

I’ll have to get another computer soon and when I do, it’ll be a desktop computer. It’ll be a minimal machine when I buy it. There are places here in Olongapo where I can subtract certain things and lower my total cost.

I have three desktop monitors in storage. I have an old machine with a video card and a large hard drive. I’ll have the store set it up and then have them remove what I don’t need.

I’ve had the Lubuntu laptop for at least eight years. It came with Windows XP. I’ve had the Windows 10 computer for at least four years. It came with Windows 8. I’ve had the Linux Mint laptop for three years, rapidly approaching four. It came with Windows 8 as well. I replaced the batteries in two and the hard drive in one.

I’ve noticed that the “maximum time before failure”, or MTBF, for most computer components is five years. I don’t want to wait for another failure.

Software and Hardware

An example is the Chromebook. It’s a laptop configured to run the Google version of the Chromium OS called Chrome OS. Chrome OS isn’t available separately. CloudReady, also based on the Chromium OS, is similar to Chrome OS and you can install it on a laptop or desktop computer. It’s relatively inexpensive (the home edition is free).

The specifications on the computers being sold change every year. The beefier it is, the more software it can run. The last time I checked, a good laptop usually comes with four gigs of memory. You can’t usually upgrade a laptop. You can usually upgrade a desktop computer, regardless of specs.


Until few years ago, a laptop was the computer for people who were always on the go. Based on statistics alone, more people now use cell phones and tablets for the same things. Most laptops sit on desks, just like desktop computers, rarely moved.

The modern desktop computer is more compact than the older ones. And easier to get into and replace parts when necessary. Based on how people use laptops these days, getting a desktop computer is probably a better idea.

Many people have skipped the computer thing and gone straight to cell phones and tables. They don’t own or want a laptop or desktop computer. Of those people, a large part of them never would have owned anything at all if smartphones and tablets hadn’t been invented.

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By RT Cunningham
July 29, 2017