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Everything and the Kitchen Sink - Do you know what’s in your Kitchen?

kitchen sink Do you know everything you have in your kitchen. Is everything that belongs there actually in your kitchen?

I’ve lived in more places than I can remember, in apartments and houses rented or owned, over the course of my 50 plus years. Other than the basics, I could never tell anyone exactly what I had in my kitchen. I can’t even tell anyone about the house I live in now, a house I’ve lived in for more than 10 years.

The cook of the family usually knows more than anyone else. Non-cooks can be excused for missing the small details but not the large ones.

The Things that Belong in the Kitchen

Some things are obvious. Cabinets and cupboards are usually built-in, in such a way that the major appliances fit in nicely. That isn’t always the case, especially here in the Philippines.

Many Filipino homes don’t have refrigerators in them. The families will buy fresh produce every day, rarely storing anything that would need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Gas stoves, the type with just the burners, are what you usually see for cooking. Electric stoves are rarely seen. Ovens are rarely seen as well.

Some of the homes I’ve been in are typical of most homes. There’s usually a small kitchen, a large living room, and two or three small bedrooms. There isn’t an area set aside specifically for dining. Everything in the kitchen is usually a downsized version of some of the things you’d expect.

The Things that Belong in the Kitchen but aren’t in the Kitchen

When space allows it, a kitchen will contain a refrigerator, an electric stove, a microwave oven and various small appliances. Common appliances include a toaster or toaster oven, a blender, a coffee maker and a water dispenser. Most Filipino homes have none of these. I have some of them.

After we built the house, Josie (my wife) had extra cupboards and cabinets built. She left enough room for the electric range (with an oven) and the range hood, but not enough room for the refrigerator.

There’s a back door in the spot where it would have fit nicely. It opens into a dirty kitchen where we cook fish and other things we don’t want to smell for hours in the house.

The dirty kitchen is on one side of an extension and a laundry room is on the other side. There are two back doors, one for each side.

The kitchen includes a lot of cupboards and cabinets, on three sides and the open side isn’t completely open. There’s a built-in breakfast bar partly enclosing the kitchen. I have yet to buy any bar stools for it. We don’t have a kitchen island and frankly, I don’t see the point with with all the counter space we have.

The refrigerator sits on the outside, next to the breakfast bar. The water dispenser is on the other side of the dining room, where the people dining can get to it before, during and after a meal.

Kitchen Utensils and Stock Items

I can’t tell you all utensils we have, other than what we use to eat and drink with. I know we have glasses and mugs, spoons, forks, knives, plates and bowls. An electric mixer is hidden away in a drawer because we never use it.

We have our cabinets stocked with food most of the time. The food includes stuff that comes in cans, jars, bottles and various plastic containers. We have our refrigerator and refrigerator freezer stocked with food and beverages most of the time as well. Since we do the brunt of our grocery shopping at the beginning for the month, our stocks start running low near the end of the month.

If you ask me anything more detailed than what I’ve written, I can’t answer truthfully because I really don’t know. And… I don’t really care to know.

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By RT Cunningham
February 7, 2017
House and Home

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