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Kingsman and Statesman - The Movie Spy Genre is Fun Again

kingsman I just got back from watching the first sequel in the Kingsman movie franchise. This was the opening night at the Harbor Point Ayala Mall at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone for “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”.

I didn’t know what to expect before watching it, other than what I saw on the movie poster in the theater. Seeing the poster, I knew the “Galahad” character played by Colin Firth would be in it. I also knew some other familiar actors joined the cast.

Whatever the review may say next week, we (the four of us) were thoroughly entertained.

Kingsman and Statesman

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and you don’t want it spoiled, you can stop reading now. I’m not going to give everything away but you should look away anyway.

All of the Kingsman facilities get blown up and at least one Kingsman agent gets killed in the first 30 minutes of the movie. There aren’t many agents to begin with.

Eggsy took on the name of “Galahad” after the end of the first movie. I didn’t get to see that movie at a theater - I saw it when it came out on video. Anyway, when he and Merlin discover that Harry (the previous Galahad, presumed dead) is still alive, they have to cure him of amnesia.

The Kingsman doomsday protocol was a bottle of whiskey in a safe. The name of the whiskey was “Statesman”, a brewery in Kentucky. The Statesmen are the American counterpart of Kingsman, though neither agency seemed to know much about the other.

Kingsman Excitement

Honestly, I could’ve waited for it to come out on video or show up on one of the movie channels. We get HBO Asia and Cinemax Asia here. I prefer video because the cable movie versions (in Asia) always seem to have parts edited out of them.

Cathy, my daughter-in-law, was the most excited to see it. She saw the first one here at home, on my wide-screen living room TV. She even paid for the tickets.

Alex, a sister-in-law’s husband and the guy who drives for us, watched the movie with us. I guarantee he’ll ask for this Kingsman video when I get it. So his wife and kids can watch it too, obviously. I’m sure he’ll watch it again, with them, of course.

I look forward to the next Kingsman movie. I can almost guarantee there’ll be another sequel.

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By RT Cunningham
September 20, 2017
Entertainment and Recreation