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Killing Time When There’s No Place to Go

killing timeThere are many things we can do while killing time. Killing time is about all we can do when there’s no place to go. With the current, ongoing COVID-19 crisis, places that require some form of socializing are mostly closed until further notice. We are advised to stay home if we don’t need to go anywhere to get anything.

Even though there are many things we can do, do we want to do those things?

Killing Time at My Laptop Computer

I have absolutely no problem with killing time. It’s pretty much all I do even when there isn’t a crisis. It’s one of the benefits or curses of retirement, depending on how you look at it. I spend most of my leisure hours at my laptop computer, doing one thing or another. When I run out of things to do, I write articles like the one you’re reading now.

I spend a lot of time reading articles at other websites. It’s probably not much more than I spend reviewing my web server logs. Believe it or not, I spend very little time entertaining myself. My wife, Josie, wants me to watch TV shows (on Netflix or Amazon Prime) at night until she falls asleep.

I use my cell phone much more these days, after years of swearing off phones completely. Nowadays, I do all my banking and messaging on the phone. I still don’t call people. Josie does enough of that for both of us, using Facebook Messenger instead of a regular phone line. I keep my phone near me because some things are actually easier to do on the phone, if you can believe that.

When Boredom Kicks In

Josie gets bored way more easily than I do. ABS-CBN in the Philippines isn’t making new episodes of her favorite TV dramas because of the community quarantine in Manila. She plays solitaire when she’s not cooking or cleaning.

Jonathan, my U.S. Army soldier son, is on standby and kills time by playing video games. He’s a video game junkie. Catherine, his wife, is about eight months pregnant. She’s going to be disagreeable no matter what anyway. She spends most of her time on her cell phone talking to relatives, listening to music or watching YouTube videos.

Josie convinced Cathy and me to play Tong-its, a Filipino card game, with her earlier today. I’m pretty sure the last time I played that game was in 2005. I don’t like to play cards for money. Playing cards eats up a lot of time, which makes it the perfect pastime when killing time is your immediate goal. I could only play for a couple of hours before the game bored me as much as anything else.

We can still go shopping, but we don’t want to go shopping with all the restrictions in place. The commissary (groceries) only allows 20 people in at a time, with social distancing enforced. We don’t need anything other than fresh vegetables, so we can wait longer than usual before going. Other shopping venues, those that are still open, aren’t as strict.

Photo Attribution: IvicaM90 at Pixabay

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By RT Cunningham
April 3, 2020
Health, House and Home