Journey – The Rock Band, not a Trip to some Faraway Destination

Journey There’s no doubt the Journey rock band is one of the greatest bands ever but it wouldn’t be if they didn’t change their style starting with the Infinity album of 1978. It was the first album with Steve Perry as the lead singer.

Some fans will go so far as to say Journey isn’t Journey without Steve Perry as the lead singer. Well, Perry’s days have come and gone. He’s 68 and I seriously doubt he can belt out the numbers he used to do with relative ease.

Arnel Pineda, the current lead singer, sounds a lot like Perry and it’s probably because he’s a tenor just like Perry. That and his experience covering the Journey songs while a member of the Filipino rock band called “The Zoo”.

Journey and the Infinity Album

In 1979, my first duty station was in the same place I went to basic training for the military – San Diego, California. The rooms for the permanent staff were above the office spaces, on the other side of the base, away from the recruits.

One of my roommates drove me crazy with the Infinity album. His albums were all on cassette (this was years before music first became available on compact discs). He kept playing this particular album over and over again. I almost had both “Lights” and “Wheel in the Sky” memorized. It was like air play on the radio. Have you ever heard the same song so many times you get sick of it? Yeah, me too.

Lights – 1978

Both the single and the album were released in 1978.

Wheel in the Sky – 1977

The single was released in 1977 while the album was released in 1978.

There are a lot of hits on this album. They had hits on other albums, of course. “Faithfully” and “Open Arms” are karaoke favorites here in the Philippines.

April 11, 2017


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