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Jollibee and the Burgers I Really Like

Jollibee Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ I don’t eat out much. When I do, it’s always with my wife, Josie. It usually happens on payday, which is only once a month, but we still eat out on special occasions. Jollibee is one of my favorite fast-food restaurants, but it used to be a place I avoided. A little less than 10 years ago, I couldn’t stand the burgers. Things changed and hopefully, I can make sense as I write about them.

Jollibee Champ Burgers

I didn’t buy burgers from Jollibee after I arrived in the Philippines in 2006. People would buy them for me (mostly one relative). They were inexpensive but I just didn’t like the taste. They were using a ranch dressing on the regular hamburgers and cheeseburgers and it rubbed me the wrong way. They must have done taste-tests since then because some of their burgers are awesome today. My two favorites are the “Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ” and the “Amazing Aloha Champ”. The Amazing Aloha Champ has a thick pineapple slice instead of mushrooms.

On the way home yesterday, we stopped at one of the many Jollibee restaurants in Olongapo City. Josie ran in and ordered me an Amazing Aloha Champ meal, which consisted of a burger, fries and a soft drink. The price was 180 pesos (or about $3.83 USD). That was dinner for me, even if it was between 4 and 5 pm. That was the first time I ate an Amazing Aloha Champ. It was great, but I like the Cheesy Bacon Mushroom Champ better.

Nothing on the menu is more than $4.00 USD, with many items less than $2.00 USD. They even have a few items on the menu that are less than a dollar in pesos. Of course, those prices aren’t saying much. Even McDonald’s is cheaper than the counterparts in the United States. I’m willing to bet the Jollibee USA restaurants are just as expensive as anything from McDonald’s there.

Jollibee Breakfasts

I rarely eat breakfast meals outside of the home. I did it once when I was returning from Manila and one time, one of my relatives brought the meal to the house. I really can’t remember any more than those two occasions.

I had some Egg McMuffins from McDonald’s when I was already at the Subic Bay Freeport Zone, on a return trip from Manila. A Jollibee breakfast meal was delivered to me at the house by one of my relatives, but I can’t remember which one. That breakfast meal was a pancake sandwich, which isn’t sold at every Jollibee restaurant and it isn’t advertised on their website. It’s just like an Egg McMuffin, but with pancakes instead of muffins.

Jollibee has some great, inexpensive meals and I don’t feel sorry for being a Jollibee poster child. Most Filipinos prefer Jollibee over McDonald’s or any other fast-food franchise that sells burgers and chicken. I really can’t blame them.

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By RT Cunningham
March 3, 2016
Food and Drink