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Invention and Innovation - Unused Patents and Patent Portfolios

notes - invention Certain inventions have literally changed the way people live – for the better. Unfortunately, the last major invention that had such an impact was well before 1946. Innovation has been stifled since then by big corporations who buy up ideas, patent those ideas and then sit on the patents for years (and sometimes forever). It costs a lot of money to keep patent portfolios current. Why do corporations sit on patents they will never use? Protecting their business models and greed are just two of the answers.

Invention History

I’m fascinated by invention history. Who invented what and when?

The incandescent light bulb, which will eventually be completely replaced by something better (LED lighting), wasn’t invented by one man. When I learned the truth, I was angry about being taught in school that Thomas Edison invented it. He only had a hand in the invention process. It’s like saying Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity. That’s not what happened.

What about velcro? The inventor created it out of curiosity and most people take it for granted today. No, it wasn’t discovered at Carbon Creek.

When was the automobile invented? Not the steam engine variety, but the automobile with a combustion engine. It was well over a hundred years ago. Innovations to replace “fossil fuels” existed as early as the 1970s, but you’ll never know about them. Oil companies and car companies own the patents to them and will never release them unless they’re forced to do so. The hybrid car is a joke – better technology was invented decades before the first one rolled off the assembly line.

Even though some people swear the microwave oven is the work of the devil or something, the technology was created by an accidental discovery in 1945 and it’s an important invention.

Modern Inventions

Some of you may want to argue about inventions after 1945. You may think the device you’re using to read this was invented recently, but it wasn’t. It’s merely an adaptation and improvement of the first computer.

An invention should make life better for someone, somewhere. That’s not always the case and history has proven as much. But I’d like to pick a fight with the climate change wackos. There isn’t a shred of scientific evidence to support the theory that burning fossil fuels will ever make any difference. But even if evidence did exist…

The same people pushing the climate change agenda are the same people who refuse to do what needs be done. The corporations sitting on patents for inventions need to give them up. Trust me when I tell you, climate change would become a non-issue if they did. Well, everywhere except China, I suppose.

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By RT Cunningham
April 27, 2016
United States