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Internet News Reviews – The News As I See It – May 27, 2018

Weekends aren’t well-suited for catching up on the Internet news and this weekend isn’t any different. Reporters and news anchors enjoy their time off as much as anyone.

At least I don’t have to look for the news on the local TV stations. I wouldn’t understand most of it anyway. English isn’t the primary language here.

Internet News: Boba Fett?

That’s exactly what Han Solo asked while he was waiting to be sacrificed to the pit monster next to the sail barge in Return of the Jedi.

According to Variety, Disney is in the process of making another standalone movie. We’ve already been treated to “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and “Solo: A Star Wars Story” is still in the theaters. The new one will be called “Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story” if they continue the trend. There’s only one problem. Who cares about Boba Fett? He has to be one of the most forgettable characters in the franchise.

I haven’t seen either of the existing movies and I probably won’t see the next. Unless it’s by accident. The only movie in the franchise I actually saw in a theater was “Return of the Jedi”. I was in Hong Kong at the time with nothing else to do.

Internet News: Web Browser Battery Usage

According to an article at ZDNet, Edge beats Chrome and both of them beat Firefox.

They ran the test on three identical Microsoft Surface Books. Of course Edge is going to win since it’s running on Windows. Chrome and Firefox is available on other platforms. Edge is not, so the point is moot for us non-Windows users.

Mobile device batteries leave a lot to be desired. Until a battery can consistently last 16 hours with regular usage, I won’t be impressed. I use an external power bank more often than not these days.

Internet News: Celebrity Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The #MeToo movement is unforgiving even when it’s wrong. I just read the story about accusations against Morgan Freeman, right after reading another about George Takei.

With all of these allegations, no one has been proven guilty of anything. The people affected, however, get tried and convicted in the media long before they get their day in a real court, if that even happens.

Personally, I’m tired of reading stories about celebrities behaving badly. I prefer to leave it up to the courts to decide their guilt. Bill Cosby has already been convicted and Harvey Weinstein is on the chopping block. The legal system works. The media shouldn’t be allowed to destroy careers without it.

Internet News: The Ketogenic Diet

An article at Tech Times talks about the anti-seizure effects of the keto diet. Other than that, I already knew about the beneficial effects of that diet.

The owner of the Live in the Philippines and 430 To Fit websites follows a keto diet. He also fasts for various periods of time. Even though he used to suffer from diabetes, he no longer does. After he had a heart attack, he managed to get himself in better shape than I am right now (I’ll have to do something about that). Not overnight, of course.

Last Note

Yes, Deadpool 2 was worth the price of admission and so much more. It cost me and my wife less than eight dollars based on the exchange rate of more than 52 pesos to the dollar.

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure you stay in your seat for the scenes after the credits. Spoiler alert: The girlfriend dies. Or does she?

May 27, 2018
Internet News

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