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Internet News Reviews – The News As I See It – May 25, 2018

I mentioned where I get my Internet news here several months ago. Since then, I had to cut Fark out of the picture because of all the nonsense I had to wade through.

I attempted to offer my opinions on the news I read every day a few years ago. For reasons I don’t want to mention, I had to stop just a few days later. I’m doing it now, once again, in a way where I won’t be committed to doing it every day of the week.

Internet News: Cockroach Milk

If you want to know what prompted me to start doing this again, this is it. I caught this story at Slashdot.

The comments on that page indicate we’ll all be eating insects one day. I will never intentionally eat a cockroach. I probably did, by accident, at some time in the past. That’s because I’ve been in way too many places where it’s impossible to eat without being bugged by one insect or another.

Cockroach milk? Not while I still have a choice in the matter.

Internet News: PayPal and the Google Ecosystem

According to an article at Engadget, PayPal can now be used with some Google services.

Look, I use PayPal because I don’t really have a choice. I would prefer not to but businesses in the United States tend to decline bank cards from banks based in the Philippines. My web hosting provider is one example. It doesn’t make sense, of course. I can use PayPal, linked to the same card, to make my payments. The difference is that PayPal deducts a fee while the bank does not.

Internet News: Facebook Logins

A story at TechCrunch mentions how Facebook will stop using mobile phone numbers for two-factor authentication.

I’ll be honest with you. I hate messing with the options on Facebook. I removed my phone number from my account and changed my e-mail address. Then I turned off every notification I could find. Josie (my wife) is using my phone until she gets a replacement and notifications from my account are still showing up on it. She’s logged in on the phone, not me.

Last Note

I haven’t been online much today. I haven’t read much of anything and I probably won’t read anything more until tomorrow.

Although it’s early in the AM in California (which I use for local time on this site), it’s the early evening here in the Philippines. Josie and I are getting ready to head to the theater. We don’t watch many movies at the theater but we make exceptions for good Marvel movies. This time, it’s “Deadpool 2”.

May 25, 2018
Internet News

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