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Internet News Reviews – The News As I See It – July 11, 2018

Internet news I’m behind on a lot of things, including my infrequently published “Internet News”. It’s because I’ve been focused on other things, mostly programming.

I just finished setting up the contact form on the contact page. Because I’m using the Nginx web server instead of the Apache web server, I have to point the form to some place other than a static page. All of my article pages are static pages, including the contact page, because I keep them permanently cached.

Internet News: Coffee Drinkers

According to an article at NPR, coffee drinkers live longer than those who don’t drink it.

I’ve drunk coffee for more than 30 years. I rarely go a day without it. I think I should be just about immortal by now.

Internet News: A Special Kind of Stupid

A shark latched on to a lady’s finger. She was feeding nurse sharks on a yacht off the coast of Australia. She even admitted to being a dumb blonde.

Hasn’t everyone in the world with a TV seen shark movies where sharks eat people? Don’t feed the freaking sharks!

Internet News: An Ancient Sarcophagus

Another sarcophagus was found underground in Egypt and brought to the surface.

If you’re a Stargate SG-1 fan, you know they’re used for extending the lives of the Goa’uld, a parasitic race who pretend to be gods. So, if they’ve found a sarcophagus, a person with a god complex shouldn’t be too far behind.

Internet News: Splitting Water for Fuel

This is merely an article on the research being done. They want to grab CO2 from the air at the same time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not enthusiastic about it at all. Research in another direction says they’ll be able to use CO2 for the carbon used in graphene, pulled directly from the atmosphere. I’m betting the free market will eventually decide on the latter. Graphene is already being used in construction.

Internet News: Make Your Windows PC More Powerful

An article at The Verge lists seven utilities that supposedly makes a Windows PC more powerful. Yawn.

I’ve been using Windows 10 since June 29 (according to my file history) on a new HP laptop, after years of using Linux. It already seems pretty powerful to me. Once I figured out how to tweak all the settings that mattered, I was cooking with gas. Microsoft has come a long way since Windows XP.

I spend most of my time in a web browser and the latest iteration of Microsoft Edge seems just about as slick as Google Chrome. It also seems a bit snappier, even with Edge versions of the extensions I use.

Last Note

Yes, I can be a total nerd sometimes. My idea of a good time is walking around a decent computer and electronics store for hours. There’s a Best Buy store nearby and it just doesn’t do the trick.

I long for a Fry’s Electronics store, which I haven’t seen since I lived in Phoenix, Arizona. The nearest one is in Duluth, Georgia, about 350 miles away from where I’m staying in Florida. I won’t go there. Perhaps I’m not as nerdy as I sometimes think I am.


July 11, 2018

Internet News