A New Disposable Inkjet Printer to Replace the Old One

inkjet printer The previous disposable inkjet printer I had died a painful death after about a year. If it’s cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to buy the replacement ink cartridges, it’s a disposable printer.

I bought a new one from one Walmart store today and then had to buy a USB printer cable at a different Walmart store because the first one didn’t have any in stock. No, the USB printer cable wasn’t included with the printer.

Why I need a new Inkjet Printer

Well, I need it for scanning as well as printing and that’s because I need to send a scanned “Limited Power of Attorney” to Alex (a sister-in-law’s husband) so he can sell our 2006 Toyota Corolla Altis for us. We’re in the United States and he’s in the Philippines, and so is the car.

My costs related to my mother-in-law’s hospital stay and operation, along with the medication, has wiped out our savings. To give you an idea of what the expenses are like, one prescription pill cost us 4000 pesos (or just under $100 USD).

My new Disposable Inkjet Printer

Josie (my wife) and I went to the Walmart store at McDowell Road and 75th Avenue in Phoenix first because it’s the closest one to where we live. I picked a Canon inkjet printer at the price of exactly $35.00 and I didn’t notice where it said “USB cable not included”. I found that out when I started setting up the printer. We returned to the store only to find out they were out of USB printer cables. So…

We went to another Walmart store a few miles south, on Lower Buckeye Road and 75th Avenue. While looking for the cable, I noticed the same printer model being sold for $39 something. It strikes me as odd that every Walmart store seems to carry different items and charge different prices.

I found a USB printer cable for $13 something, the cheapest I could find. Josie and I returned home and it took me about 30 minutes to set it up, including the software installation and printer tests. It’s a racket, I tell you. Canon wants me to waste as much ink as possible so I have to go buy some more quickly.

Inkjet Ink Cartridge Refill Kits

I’ll dispose of this new inkjet printer if it fails mechanically. If it doesn’t, I’ll hang on to it as long as possible. I’m planning to buy an inkjet ink cartridge refill kit (one eBay, most likely) so I won’t have to keep buying expensive replacement ink cartridges.

When we get ready to ship our balikayan boxes out (probably in October), I plan to shove this printer back in its box, put the cables and the kit in the box and then stick the box in a bigger box – one of the freight-sized boxes we’re filling up.

Someday, while I’m in the Philippines, I want to buy a laserjet printer. You know, the type that uses toner instead of ink. Ink cartridges can “dry up” before the ink is gone. Toner is already dry.

September 21, 2014


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